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A model is available to define and represent all the new components that are added. This is kept in the JSON format and is contained within the CustomModulesDefinition.json file.

It is important to have a single file for all new modules. The order in which the components are defined is important as there may be dependencies between components. For example, a component may remove out-of-the-box components as part of its definition, but another component may be using it as a container.

The example below shows how a typical CustomAnalystModuleConfig.json file looks:

		{ "modules": [{
		"name": "GIQueryModule",
		"description": "Module For GI query",
		"modulePath": "extensions/dynamic.module.ts#DynamicModule",
		"components":[{componentName:"TestComponent","parentComponentName": "SettingsPanel",
		"initParameters": {
		"initX": 0,
		"initY": 0,
		"endPointUrl": "localhost:3306/mysql/gidata",
		"externalLibraryPath": [{
		"libName": "GDAL",
		"libPath": "../controller/theme/app/gdal.js",
		"mapConfigAssociated": {
		"GeoInsightMaps": ["TestComponent"],
		"GeoInsightSummaryMaps": ["TestComponent"]
		"fromMapConfig":"Drive Time"},
		" fromMapConfig":"Drive Time"}

Top Level Nodes

The following table describes the parameters that can be included in a custom module definition.

Field Name Type Required Description
Modules Json Array Yes An array of multiple module definitions as described in the definitions section above.
ComponentsToRemove Json Array Yes An array of pre-existing components provided out-of-the-box with Spectrum Spatial Analyst that would be removed.

Module JSON Object

Each array element inside the Modules node defines a module as follows.

Field Name Type Required Description
Name String Yes The name should not be the same as any of the Spectrum Spatial Analyst modules. You can find a list of module names in the documentation..
description String optional Gives details about the purpose of the module for users looking at the configuration file.
ModulePath String Yes

The location of the module in the file system. This will be in:


Note: The folder containing the module should be in this path for it to be accessible

#ModuleName is mandatory in the module path to allow it to be loaded. #ModuleName is the name of the Module class in the ts file.

Note Each module can have a separate folder. For example, extensions/weather/weather.module.ts#WeatherModule

Components Map Yes

This is a key value pair where

• Key = Name of the component

• Value = The parent container in Spectrum Spatial Analyst where the component is to be injected.

Note: The Component Name should match the #ModuleName that you have declared for creating Angular 4 component class and not the selector.

externalLibraryPath JsonArray Optional Set of third-party libraries that component may need for it to function. This path can be CDN or a local path relative to index.html of Spectrum Spatial Analyst.
mapConfigAssociated Map Optional

A key value pair where:

• Key = Spectrum Spatial Analyst map configuration name

• Value = Array of components that will be visible for that map configuration

If the component is not explicitly associated with a mapconfig file, then it will appear for all mapconfig files that are available.

initparameters Json Object Optional

A key value pair where:

• Key = Name of the component

• Value = json object of the initialization parameters which will be passed to each instance of the component. There is no restriction on the type of init parameter; it can be any type.


Each array element inside the ComponentsToRemove node will define the following.

Field Name Type Required Description
componentName String Yes Name of the component to be removed. Note this is an existing Spectrum Spatial Analyst component and not a third-party component. Specific components, like BaseMapSwitcher and SearchBox, may be removed from the application.
fromMapConfig String Optional Removes the component from a specific mapconfig file. If omitted, it removes the component from all mapconfigs files.