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The Spectrum Spatial Analyst extensibility platform provides support for passing in context parameters from dynamic container components to its child components, including child components created by developers. Developers can use the data as per their needs to adjust the logic of the components they create. For example, when a user draws a circle annotation, a developer creates a custom component to query within the circle annotation. The Spectrum Spatial Analyst Extensibility Platform passes in all the information about circle annotation to the custom component like radius, XY location, name of annotation and so on.

Context data may be useful for passing the information to external systems or it can be used to make the component rendering exclusive for an instance of the dynamic container. For example, if there are more than one circle annotation and developer wants to show the component for the first circle annotation only then he can use the annotation name from the context parameter to restrict the view of the new component in its template.

To access this context data, a component developer needs to create an input field with name data: any in its own created typescript component. Inside this data field, each of the dynamic containers has a specific name for context parameters; for example, the annotationLegendItem context parameter name is annotationLegendObject. The following table provides the names of all the context data parameters that are available for different dynamic components:

Component Name Context parameter Name (For example, data. annotationLegendObject)
AnnotationLegendItem annoationLegendObject
EnvinsaTileLegendItem legendGroupObject
MVTLegendItem legendGroupObject
AnnotationLegendGroupItem annoationGroupObject
QueryLegendItem queryLegendObject
SpatialLegendItem legendGroupObject
SpatialSubLegendItem legendObject
ThematicLegendItem legendGroupObject
TMSLegendItem legendGroupObject
VectorLayerLegendItem vectorLayerLegendObject
WMSLegendItem legendGroupObject
XYZLegendItem legendGroupObject
CalloutCardContainer calloutObject
CalloutContainer calloutRecordObject