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The Match Analysis tool can display summary of the matching processes in a dataflow, such as the number of duplicate records and the average match score. You can view the results of a single job or you can compare results between multiple jobs.

  1. In Enterprise Designer, open the dataflow you want to analyze.
  2. For each Interflow Match, Intraflow Match, or Transactional match stage whose matching you want to analyze, double-click the stage and select the Generate data for analysis check box.
    Important: Enabling the Generate data for analysis option reduces performance. You should turn this option off when you are finished using the Match Analysis tool.
  3. Select Run > Run Current Flow
    Note: For optimal results, use data that will produce 100,000 or fewer records. The more match results, the slower the performance of the Match Analysis tool.
  4. When the dataflow finishes running, select Tools > Match Analysis.

    The Browse Match Results dialog box displays with a list of dataflows that have match results that be viewed in the Match Analysis tool. If the job you want to analyze is not listed, open the dataflow and make sure that the matching stage has the Generate data for analysis check box selected.

    Tip: If there are a large number of dataflows and you want to filter the dataflows, select a filter option from the Show only jobs where drop-down list.
  5. Click the "+" icon next to the dataflow you want to view to expand it.
  6. Under the dataflow there is one entry for each matcher stage in the dataflow. Select the stage whose results you want to view and click Add.

    The Match Analysis tool appears at the bottom of the Enterprise Designer window.

  7. If you want to compare the matcher results side by side with the results from another matcher:
    1. Click Add.
    2. Select the matcher whose results you want to compare.
    3. Click Add.
    4. In the dataflow list, select the matcher you just added and click Compare.

The Summary tab lists matching statistics for the job. Depending on the type of matching stage used in the dataflow, you will see different information. For more information, see Summary information for different matches.