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In the Data Stewardship Portal, click Manage to display the Manage page.

Click the Status button to view the Status section of the Manage page. This section shows record activity by assignment or dataflow name. You can specify which one displays by clicking the Assignments or Dataflows button near the top-right corner. Assignments provides the number of records assigned to each user as well as how many of those records have been approved and how many remain. It also shows the number of normally processed records that exist within groups that also contain records that have exceptions. Note that non-exception data will appear only if there are normally processed records within a group also containing records with exceptions and if there are no security overrides preventing this data from being shown.

Dataflows provides the number and percentage of records that have been approved for each dataflow. For dataflows containing more than one Exception Monitor stage, you can further break down this information by those stages. For example, if a dataflow contains two Exception Monitor stages, "NameExceptions" might be responsible for 37% of all exceptions in the dataflow and "DataExceptions" might be responsible for the other 63%. In this situation, the status of each dataflow is still calculated as a whole as it relates to all dataflows in the repository, while the status of each stage is calculated based on the total number of exceptions for the selected dataflow.

Additionally, you can filter the information that displays by entering search criteria in the Filter box. The list will dynamically auto-populate with dataflows or assignees that match the letters you type.

Click the Progress button to display the Progress section. This section shows the cumulative progress for all users or all dataflows whose individual statuses are shown on the Dashboard. Click Assignments at the top of the screen to view user progress. Click Dataflows" to view dataflow progress. Use the scale to choose the metric for the scale (day, week, month) and the number of units to display.