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Occasionally you may want to delete records from the repository. For instance, you could have residual records from testing the system or records that were mistakenly considered exceptions after processing, or you may want to process and delete approved records first and then re-run the same job again. The Purge section, under Maintenance, on the All Records page enables you to do this.

Note: You can also use the bsm delete exceptions command in the Command Line Interface (CLI) to delete records. For details about the CLI commands, see the Administration Utility section of the Spectrum Technology Platform Administration Guide.
  1. In the Data Stewardship Portal, click Manage.
    This displays the Manage page.
  2. Under Maintenance, expand the Purge section.
  3. In the Dataflow name box, select a dataflow.
  4. In the Job ID box, either select a job ID or All
    Select All to remove records from every job in the selected workflow.
  5. Optional: To remove all performance data, you can check the Remove data quality report data check box.
    If you do not check this check box, the records will be removed from the repository but performance data will still appear on the Data Quality page. This option is unavailable if you choose to add filter criteria in step 6.
  6. Optional: You can add filter criteria to specify records to be deleted.
    1. In the Stage label box, select the stage that produced the records.
    2. In the Approval status box, select one or more status from the list.
      If none are selected, all records matching other filters are deleted.
    3. For each filter you want to apply, click the Add expression button .
      In each case, specify a Field name, an Operator, and Value to filter based on a field values. You must have specified a Job ID and Stage Label in order to define field expressions in this step.
  7. Click Remove.