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Perform steps in this task to edit, accept, or reject records in Tabular view.

  1. On the Data Stewardship Portal Dashboard page, click the dataflow to view records that you want to review.
    Alternatively, click Editor, then in the Dataflow name menu on the sidebar select the name of the dataflow.
  2. Make sure that the records are displayed in Tabular view.
    Click the Tabular view button on the Editor toolbar.
  3. In any record, click to edit a value.
    Right-click the field to access Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. A field will be grayed out if it cannot be edited.
    If you need to undo changes you made, select the record you want to undo and click the Undo changes button.
    After you have edited a field, you will notice a green triangle appear in the upper-left corner of the field. This is a visual cue to remind you that the value of the field has been changed but is not yet saved.
  4. Optional: You can add comments about your changes in the Comment box.
    Comments are visible to other users and can be used to help keep track of the changes made to the record or to recommend additional changes. In an approval flow, you can describe additional changes necessary for approval.
  5. Click the Save changes button .
    This changes the record status to Edited.
  6. After you have reviewed or edited values, you can click to Accept or Reject a record.
    Clicking Accept changes the record status to Accepted. Clicking Reject changes the record status to Rejected.
    Note: Anytime before you click the Save button , you can click Accept to change the status from Accepted to Pending. This allows you to continue editing the record at a later time. Clicking Reject changes the status to Edited
  7. Click the Save changes button button when you are finished editing records on a page.

    Accepted records are assigned to the next approver in the approval flow. For the last approver in the approval flow, the record status is changed from Accepted to Resolved, and the records are made available for additional processing using the Read Exceptions stage.

    Rejected records are assigned back to the data steward.