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The following tables list the options for the Open Parser stage.

Rules Tab



Use culture-specific domain grammar

Specifies to use a language and domain specific parsing grammar which has already been defined in the Open Parser Domain Editor tool in Enterprise Designer. For more information about defining domains, see Defining a Culture-Specific Parsing Grammar.

If you choose this option you will also see these options:

Specifies the parsing grammar to use.
Specifies the language or culture of the data you want to parse. Click the Add button to add a culture. You can change the order in which Open Parser attempts to parse the data with each culture by using the Move Up and Move Down buttons. For more information about cultures, see Defining a Culture-Specific Parsing Grammar.
Return multiple parsed records
Enable this option to have Open Parser return records for each culture that successfully parses the input. If you do not check this box, Open Parser will return the results for the first record that achieves a parser score of 100, regardless of culture. If all cultures run without hitting a record that has parser score of 100, Open Parser will return the record with the score closest to 100. If multiple cultures return records with the same high score under 100, the order set in Step 4 will determine which culture's record is returned.

Define domain-independent grammar

Choose this option if you want to define a parsing grammar that should be applied without consideration of the language or domain of the input data. If you choose this option, the grammar editor will appear and you can define the parsing grammar directly in the Open Parser stage rather than using the Open Parser Domain Editor tool in Enterprise Designer.
Note: You can also define domain-independent grammar at runtime. For more information, see Defining Domain-Independent Parsing Grammars at Runtime.

Preview Tab

Creating a working parsing grammar is an iterative process. Preview is useful in testing out variations on your input to make sure that the parsing grammar produces the expected results.

Type test values in the input field and then click Preview.

Field Chooser expanded in Open Parser Options dialog box

The parsed output fields display in the Results grid. For information about the output fields, see Output. For information about trace, see Tracing Final Parsing Results. If your results are not what you expected, click the Rules tab and continue editing the parsing grammar and testing input data until it produces the expected results.