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In Best of Breed processing, the template record is the record in a collection that is used to create the best of breed record. The template record is used as the starting point for constructing the best of breed record and is modified based on the best of breed settings you define. The Best of Breed stage can select the template record automatically, or you can define rules for selecting the template record. This topic describes how to define rules for selecting the template record.

Template rules are written by specifying the field name, an operator, a value type, and a value. Here is an example of template record options:

Field Name: MatchScore
Field Type: Numeric
Operator: Equal
Value Type: String
Value: 100

This template rule selects the record in the collection where the Match Score is equal to the value of 100.

The following procedure describes how to define a template record rule in the Best of Breed stage.

  1. In the Best of Breed stage, under Template Record Settings, select the option Define template record.
  2. In the tree, click Rules.
  3. Click Add Rule.
  4. Configure Rule options.
    For more information, see Rule options.
  5. Click OK.
  6. If you want to specify additional rules, click Add Rule.

    If you add additional rules, you will have to select a logical operator to use between each rule. Choose And if you want the new rule and the previous rule to both pass in order for it to be selected as the template record. Select Or if you want either the previous rule or the new rule to pass in order for the record to be selected as the template record.

You have now configured rules to use to select the template record. Configure the best of breed settings to complete the configuration of the Best of Breed stage.