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Best of Breed rules and actions work together to determine which fields from duplicate records in a collection to copy to the Best of Breed record. Rules test values in a record and if the record passes the rules, the data is copied from the record to the template record. Actions define which data to copy, and which field in the template record should receive the data. After all the rules and actions are executed, the template record will be the best of breed record.

Rules and actions can be grouped together into conditions, and you can have multiple conditions. This allows you

  1. In the Best of Breed stage, under Best of Breed Settings, click the Rules node in the tree.
  2. Click Add Rule.
  3. Configure Rule options.
    For more information, see Rule options.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If you want to specify additional rules for this condition, click Add Rule.

    If you add additional rules, you will have to select a logical operator to use between each rule. Choose And if you want the new rule and the previous rule to both pass in order for the condition to be met and the associated actions taken. Select Or if you want either the previous rule or the new rule to pass in order for the condition to be met.

  6. Click the Actions node in the tree.
  7. Click Add Action.
  8. Complete the following fields.
    For more information, see Actions options.
  9. Click OK.
  10. If you want to specify additional actions to take for this condition, click Add Action and repeat the above steps.
  11. To add another condition, click the root condition in the tree then click Add Condition.

Best of Breed Rule and Action

This Best of Breed rule selects the record where the Match Score is equal to the value of 100. The Account Number data that corresponds to the selected field is then copied to the AccountNumber field on the Best of Breed record.

Field Name: MatchScore
Field Type: Numeric
Operator: Equal
Value Type: String
Value: 100

Source Type: Field
Source Data: AccountNumber
Destination: AccountNumber