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Record Merging is the process of reconciling duplicate records. Duplicate records are reconciled by merging the duplicate to the current record or by merging the current to the duplicate record.

Note: Merging is only available for business partner records.
  1. Enter the transaction code /N/HSGRP1/MASTER.
  2. In the By Address and By Address Type sections, specify the filter criteria to use to select records to include in the report.
  3. In the By Address Status section, select one or more of the following:
    Check this box to include addresses that the system has validated and cleansed.
    Not Yet Cleansed
    Check this box to include addresses that the system has not attempted to validate or cleanse.
    Check this box to include addresses that were entered into the system at a time when address validation was disabled.
  4. In the Maximum No. of Hits field enter the maximum number of records you want to include in the report.
  5. In the Duplicate Check Threshold field, enter a threshold for considering two records duplicates. The threshold is a percentage that indicates the amount of similarity between two records that qualifies them to be duplicates. For example, if you enter 30,0 any records that are 30% the same will be considered duplicates. You must enter the percentage in the format percentage,0.
  6. Press the F8 key or click the execute icon.

    The records that match your criteria are displayed. The Status column indicates the address validation status for each record.

    Table 1. Status Icons
    Icon Description
    Address has been checked and conforms to the reference data.
    Address has been checked and does not conform to the reference data. Only the user can set this status.
    Address has not been checked or it has failed cleansing.
    No address.
  7. Click Check for Duplicates to view the candidate duplicate or duplicates for the selected record.
  8. In the Duplicates window, select the record that is a duplicate of the one you selected in the main window then click one of the following buttons:
    Merge Current To Duplicate
    Merges the record from the main screen to the selected record in the pop-up screen.
    Merge Duplicate To Current
    Merges the selected record of the pop-up screen to the record of the main screen.

If the Batch Merging option is set to PBBI Merge Process, the records are merged automatically.

If the Batch Merging option is set to SAP Merge Process, the data cleansing cases are created and the cleansing case process must be done manually to complete the merge.

Note: The Batch Merging option can be accessed by entering transaction code /NSPRO, clicking SAP Reference IMG, then expanding SAP NetWeaver > Application Server > Basis Services > Address Management > PBBI SAP DQC > Merging.