Integration of SAP with Spectrum on Demand - spectrum_platform - 23.1

Spectrum Quality Connector for SAP Guide

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Spectrum Quality Connector for SAP Guide
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To integrate SAP services with Spectrum on Demand, follow these steps:

  1. Import a Spectrum on Demand (SPOD) SSL Certificate on SAP client machine, follow these steps:
    1. Run Transaction Code STRUST in SSL Client Standard tab.
    2. Navigate to the path where you have placed the SSL Certificate.
    3. Add the certificate to the Certificate List and save it.
    4. Run Transaction Code SM59, RFC Destination SPOD PRODUCTION screen is displayed.
    5. Click Technical Settings tab and enter these details:
      • Enter in the Target Host field
      • Enter /soap/ in the Path Prefix field.
    6. Click Logon & Security tab and enter your credentials in the Logon With User section.
      Note: You will receive these credentials from the Precisely support.
    7. In the Security Options section, set the status of secure protocol as active by selecting the Active checkbox and select DEFAULT SSL Client (Standard) from the SSL Certificate drop down. This certificate is the same as added by the Transaction Code STRUST.
    Note: If your SAP product version is below CRM 7.0 EHP4 or ECC 6.0 EHP8, you are required to apply a SAP note in your system for registering WSDL in SOAMANAGER. The SAP note is available at
  2. Register services with SPOD through SOA Manager, follow these steps:
    1. Run Transaction Code SOAMANAGER, You will be redirected to SOA Management web page.
    2. Click Web Service Configuration
    3. Obtain the ABAP Name, follow these steps:
      1. Run Transaction Code SE80
      2. Enter /HSGRP1/SPOD in the package field
      3. Go to Enterprise Services > Service Consumers and select the desired ABAP Name.
    4. Enter the ABAP Name obtained from the last step in the search field, click Search and select the service from the Search Result.
    5. Click the Create tab and select WSDL based configuration
    6. Enter the Logical Port Name and Description.
    7. Select the Logical Port is Default check box.
    8. Click Next, WSDL Access Settings WSDL Location screen is displayed.
    9. Select Via HTTP Access checkbox, enter the URL for WSDL Access, your WSDL Access credentials and click Next.
    10. Click Next and enter your username and password.
    11. Click Next until the Finish button is activated.
    12. Click Finish
  3. Activate SPOD development, follow these steps:
    1. Run Transaction Code SM30, Edit Table Views: Initial Screen is displayed
    2. Enter /HSGRP1/SPOD_CON in the Table/View field
    3. Click Maintain
    4. Select the Active check box corresponding to SpectrumOnDemand to activate SPOD development.