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You must be a Spectrum Technology Platform administrator (admin) to perform this task. If you are a new customer to the Spectrum Technology Platform or setting up a new Spectrum server, we recommend setting a location for your Spectrum Product Data (SPD) that is separate from the Spectrum Technology Platform installation folder. For details, see SPD Setup on a New Spectrum Server and Setting Product Data Extraction and Archive Locations.

The Spectrum Technology Platform has Command Line Interface (CLI) commands to install Spectrum data without having to download the data to the Spectrum server or having to connect your Spectrum server to the internet. The CLI commands copy data to the Spectrum server.

After installing the data, we suggest keeping your download files so that those files are available if you need to reinstall Spectrum data in the future. If you need to remove data from the Spectrum server, use the Spectrum command line (CLI) commands.

To install Spectrum Product Data (SPD):

  1. Verify that the Spectrum Technology Platform server is running before you begin.
  2. Download your Spectrum Product Database (SPD) format files from Precisely using the link provided in the Precisely communication or from If the download is a zip file, extract it to a temporary location.
  3. Open a command-line window.
  4. Connect to the Spectrum Technology Platform server by typing this command:
    connect --h servername:port --u username --p password --s SSLtrueFalse
    For example,
    connect --h myserver:8080 --u admin --p myPassword1 --s false
  5. Optional: List the locations of extracted Spectrum Product Data (SPD) files based on product name by typing:
    productdata extract list
    The command output shows the directory where files are located for each product.
  6. Install the data to the Spectrum server by typing:
    productdata install --f fileOrDirectory --w waitOrReturn
    For example,
    productdata install --f E:/SpatialFiles/Geocoding/KNT072019.spd --w
    If installing a Spectrum product with multiple .spd files, then use the folder path to the files. The command installs the data files that are in the folder and subfolders. For example:
    productdata install --f E:/SpatialFiles/Geocoding --w
  7. Define a database resource for the data in the Management Console or by using the Administration Utility database commands. Instructions may vary by module and data, see Spectrum Databases to locate additional module-specific information or instructions. For general instructions, see Creating a Database Resource.

For more information about these Product Data CLI commands, see Product Data under Administration Utility in the Spectrum Technology Platform Administration Guide.