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You must configure Spatial to use a common repository database for the cluster. This ensures that named resources, geographic metadata and configuration settings are managed across the cluster.

The repository is installed with a set of named resources, geographic metadata and configuration files. To migrate these resources to the common database repository the resources need to be exported from the default internal repository database and reimported into the new shared repository database.

For bulk export and import of repository content, use the limrepo import and limrepo export commands in the Administration Utility. These commands give you the option of preserving permissions (see the Administration section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide for instructions.)

These steps describe how to set up your repository on a common database, either PostgreSQL, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server:

  1. Export all repository resources to a local folder using the limrepo export command in the Administration Utility.
    For instructions, see the Administration section of the Spectrum Spatial Guide.
    The contents of the installed repository must be exported. This step only needs to be performed once, as the contents of the repository should be the same at this point for all instances of Spectrum Technology Platform.
  2. Stop the Spectrum Technology Platform server on all nodes.
    For instructions, see Stopping a Cluster.
  3. On all nodes of the Spectrum Technology Platform modify the configuration to specify the common database.
    1. Copy the contents of repository.databaseType.xml to repository.xml located under the SpectrumDirectory\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit folder where databaseType is the appropriate type for your database (postgres, oracle, or mssql).
    2. In repository.xml:
      • Modify the DataSource section with the server host name, port, database, user, and password.
      • Modify the Cluster section to assign a distinct cluster ID, like Node1. Ensure unique IDs are assigned to every subsequent node in the cluster (for example, Node2, Node3).
      • Save the changes to repository.xml.
    3. Remove these folders from the SpectrumDirectory\server\modules\spatial\jackrabbit folder: repository, version, workspaces.
  4. If your database has previously contained any repository content, you must remove these tables to create a clean repository:
    • default_binval
    • default_bundle
    • default_names
    • default_refs
    • rep_fsentry
    • rep_global_revision
    • rep_journal
    • rep_local_revisions
    • security_binval
    • security_bundle
    • security_names
    • security_refs
    • version_binval
    • version_bundle
    • version_names
    • version_refs
    If using Oracle, then also delete version_seq_names_id, security_seq_names_id, and default_seq_names_id.
  5. On the seed node only, import the backed up repository content.
    1. Start the Spectrum Technology Platform server.
      For instructions, see Starting a Cluster.
    2. Import the contents using the limrepo import command, pointing to the seed node.
  6. Start the remaining nodes in the cluster.
    For instructions, see Starting a Cluster.