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Spectrum databases contain reference data from trusted data providers that is used to enhance and validate your data. For example, to perform address validation, uses official address data from postal authorities to compare your address to addresses of record. Other types of processing that use Spectrum databases include geocoding, routing, and tax jurisdiction assignment for a given address.

We update Spectrum databases periodically to provide you with the most up-to-date data from third-party data providers. Database updates occur independently from software updates, in some cases quarterly or even monthly. When a database update is available you will receive an email notification that includes a link to download the updated database. You should install it as soon as possible so that you are using the most accurate data available.

Spectrum Technology Platform provides CLI commands that help you install, maintain, and archive SPD files.
  • Use the productdata archive register command to configure an alternate (non-default) location for the Spectrum Platform Data (SPD) archive.
  • Use the productdata extract register command to specify an alternate (non-default) extract location for a set of product data on the server.

    The default SPD file archival area is ../archive/ref-data. Extracted SPD files are located in ../ref-data.

  • Use the productdata install command to install your data files.

We recommend using the productdata extract register and productdata archive register commands to ensure that the SPD data, which may be large, resides in an appropriate and manageable location of your choosing on the server. The default location inside the Spectrum folders can make upgrades and re-installations more difficult and require even greater temporary space.