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If you have a cluster that consists of separate clusters for the server and for the configuration database, you can convert your installation to a standard installation where the server and configuration database are installed together on the same server.

Note: If installing a new version of the Spectrum Technology Platform standard server and the existing configuration database is from an older version, upgrade the configuration database to the same version of the standard server. The configuration database must be of the same version as the server to which you are converting. The installer upgrades the configuration database.
  1. Manually back up the configuration database from your existing server.
    For more information, see Creating a Backup Manually in the Spectrum Administration Guide.
  2. Back up module-specific data for any of these modules if you have them installed. The following module sections may also contain other information that you should read before upgrading.
  3. Stop all the nodes in the server cluster, then stop all the nodes in the configuration database cluster.
    Run the DatabaseDirectory/server/bin/server.stop script.
  4. Back up the index database from one of the nodes in the existing cluster.
    SpectrumDirectory/index/data folder
  5. Install a new server.
    For instructions, see Installing a New Server
    Note: When prompted, be sure to select Standard Installation, not Server only.
  6. Stop the server.
  7. Restore the configuration database that you backed up in step 1.
    For more information, see step 4 of Restoring a Server in the Spectrum Administration Guide.
  8. Restore the index database.
    Copy the data folder that you backed up in step 4 to the SpectrumDirectory/index folder.
  9. Start the server.
    Run the SpectrumDirectory/server/bin/server.start script.