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The following table lists the fields that are returned by default.

Output Field Name Description
MainAddressLine Candidate address line.
AddressLastLine Candidate last address line
PlaceName Firm, company, organization, business or building name.
AreaName1 State, province or region.
AreaName2 County or district.
AreaName3 City, town or suburb.
AreaName4 Locality
PostCode1 Main postal code.
PostCode2 Secondary postal code
Country Country
AddressNumber House or building number.
StreetName Street name.
UnitType Indicates the unit type (APT, STE, etc.).
UnitValue The number of the unit.
X Longitude of the candidate
Y Latitude of the candidate.
CoordinateSystemName Coordinate system name for the candidate.

The formatted main address line.

FormattedLocationAddress The formatted last address line.
FeatureID ID for the candidate.
PrecisionLevel A code describing the precision of the geocode. One of the following:

0 No coordinate information is available for this candidate address.                

1 Interpolated street address.

2 Street segment midpoint.

3 Postal code 1 centroid.

4 Partial postal code 2 centroid.

5 Postal code 2 centroid.

6 Intersection.

7 Point of interest. (If database contains POI data.)

8 State/province centroid.

9 County centroid.

10 City centroid.

11 Locality centroid.

12-15 Reserved for unspecified custom items.

16 The result is an address point.

17 The result was generated by using address point data to modify the candidate's segment data.

18 The result is an address point that was projected using the centerline offset feature. You must have both a point and a street range database to use the centerline offset feature.
Note: This field is not returned for USA. For geocode precision information for USA, see Location Codes.

19 The result is an address point that includes the footprint of the building on the property.

PrecisionCode A code describing the precision of the geocode.

The possible match categories are as follows:

Z1 Postal match with post code 1 centroid.

Z2 Postal match with partial post code 2 centroid.

Z3 Postal match with post code 2 centroid.

G1 Geographic match with area name 1 centroid.

G2 Geographic match with area name 2 centroid.

G3 Geographic match with area name 3 centroid.

G4 Geographic match with area name 4 centroid.

B1 Match to an unvalidated PO Box. Although there is enough
information in the record to identify this as a PO Box number, not enough information exists to determine whether the PO Box number is valid.

B2 Match to a validated PO Box.es

The matches in the 'S' category indicate that the record was matched to a single address candidate.

SX Point located at a street intersection.

SC Match point located at the house level that has been projected from the nearest segment.

SL India only. A street level match at the sublocality (block or sector) level. An SL result code also requires a match on other geographic input fields (city, district, or state).

S0 No coordinates are available, but parts of the address may have matched the source data.

S4 The geocode is located at a street centroid

S3 The geocode is located at a postal code or a ZIP + 4® centroid. It has the same quality match as a Z3 result.   The ZIP + 4® level centroid is only specific to only the USA.

S5 The geocode is located at a street address.

S7 The geocode is located at a street address that has been interpolated between point house locations.

S8 Match point located at the house location.

Additional match information is of the format HPNTSCSZA. If a match result was not made for the specified component, a dash (-) will appear in place of a letter

H House number.

P Street prefix direction.

N Street name.

T Street type.

S Street suffix direction.

C City name.

Z Post code.

A Geocoding dataset.

U Custom user dataset.
Note: For more detailed information including country-specific meanings and values, see Global Result Codes.
Identifier For street- or point-level candidates, this is usually the segment ID.
SourceDictionary Identifies the dictionary that is the source for the candidate information and data. The source dictionary is a 0-based integer value that indicates which configured dictionary the candidate came from. If you only have a single dictionary this will always be "0".
Point The candidate's geocode, specified as X (longitude) and Y (latitude) coordinates.
Status Reports the success or failure of the match attempt:
Status.Code If the address could not be processed, this field will indicate the reason.
  • Internal System Error
  • No Geocode Found
  • Insufficient Input Data
Status.Description If the address could not be processed, this field will provide a description of the failure.
Problem + explanation
Returned when Status.Code = Internal System Error.
Geocoding Failed
Returned when Status.code = No Geocode Found.
No location returned
Returned when Status.code = No Geocode Found.