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For the profiles you have configured, you can modify these two settings:
  • How many tables should run concurrently during profile run
  • For how many profile runs should data in files be available for preview

These rules help you optimize performance based on your requirements and file size. To specify these settings, perform these steps:

  1. In a web browser, go to:


    Where server is the server name or IP address of your Spectrum Technology Platform server and port is the HTTP port. By default, the HTTP port is 8080.

  2. Log in using your credentials.
  3. On the Home page, click Profile & Monitor.
    The Profile & Monitor page is displayed.
  4. Click the Defaults link on the top right of the page.
    The Profiling Defaults page is displayed.
  5. In the No. of tables for concurrent profiling box, specify the number of tables that are to be run concurrently for analysis.
    Note: This setting is applicable for all the profiles that you set to be run. The valid range of tables is 1-20, with default value being 5. Ideally, this value should be [(Number of logical cores of the system/2) - 1]

    Example: Number of tables for concurrent profiling is specified as 5 and two profiles, each having six table are set to run:

    Spectrum Discovery runs five tables from the profile scheduled to run first and keeps the second profile in queue (the status is displayed in the Status field on the Profiles tab of the Profile & Monitor page). Other tables are picked one after another as profile run completes on the picked-up tables.

  6. In the Keep source data for [N] runs box, specify the number of runs for which the tables picked up in the profile analysis are saved in data preview. Default is 2.

    Example: Keep source data for [N] runs is set to 5

    Spectrum Discovery does not show the table data in preview after five runs are completed for those. If you click the graphs, bars, or donut charts corresponding to these tables on the Data Profiling Results page, you will get the message: Preview is not available. However, the graphs, bars and donut charts are displayed irrespective of the runs specified in this field.