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To schedule a profile analysis, use the Add Schedule page. This page gives you various combinations of pattern, time, and date range to schedule the profiling in the way that suits your need. You can also have it as a one-time activity.

  1. On the Profile & Monitor page, click the Schedules tab, and click the Add Schedules icon .
    The Add Schedule page is displayed.
  2. Enter a Name for the schedule.
  3. Select the Profile option, and from the drop down list, select the profile that you want to schedule for analysis.
    Note: It displays all the defined profiles.
  4. In the Schedule section, select one of the triggers as needed from the Trigger drop-down list.
    • Select Date/Time to schedule a one-time analysis. Use the Start date and Start time from the respective calendars below the drop-down list.
    • Select the Recurring Date/Time option for a recurring analysis.
      Note: When you select this option, Pattern, Time and Range sections appear below Trigger. Use these for setting up a recurring analysis, as described below.
  5. To set up a recurring analysis, use the one of these options or a combination of all of these:
    • Pattern (of days or week or month)
      • Every weekday: To run the analysis on every day of the week
      • Every: At a specified periodicity. For example, to run analysis every alternate day, choose this option, and enter 2 in the selection box.
      • Day <> of every <> month(s): To run analysis on a specified day and month. For example, to run analysis on the third day of every alternate month, enter 3 in the Day selection box and 2 in the month(s) selection box.
      • Every <> month(s) <on a specified day> <of a week>: For example, to run the analysis every third month on the second Tuesday, enter 3 in the month(s) selection box, and from the drop downs, select on the second and Tuesday options respectively.
      • Days of the week: Select the days of the week on which you want to run the analysis.
        Note: You can select multiple days.
    • Time To run the analysis at a specified interval of time, select this option and in the selection boxes specify the number of hours or minutes after which you want to run the analysis. For example, every three hours.
    • Range To specify the range of analysis (at a specified time between a range of dates), select the Start date and End date from the respective calendars and select the time and period (AM/PM) from the Start time option.
      Note: Select the No end date check box if you do not want to specify an end date for the recurring analysis.
  6. To activate this schedule, ensure the Schedule slider (on the top right of the page) is On.
  7. Click the Save button.
The schedule is saved and gets displayed on the Schedules tab of the Profile page. This page lists all the profiles that are scheduled for analysis and displays these details for each of those:
  • Schedule Name: Name of the schedule
  • Schedule On: Name of the Profile or Scorecard that is scheduled for analysis
  • Type: Whether the schedule is for a Profile or a Scorecard.
  • User: The user who created the schedule
  • Trigger: It specifies SCHEDULE to indicate that the profile or scorecard is scheduled for analysis
  • Next Run: Specifies the date, time, and period when the analysis will run again.
  • Last Run: Specifies the date, time, and period when the analysis was last run.
Note: When analysis begins, the in-progress profile also gets displayed on the Profiles tab of the Profile page in case of recurring scheduling. If the scheduling is non-recurring, the in-progress profile gets moved from the Schedules tab to the Profiles tab the moment the processing begins.