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This page is for reviewing the pairing and tagging done by the system. You need to specify if you consider the pairs a Match, Non-Match or you are Unsure of it. The system generates the Match Rule and Match Key based on your feedback.
Note: The pre-tags are suggestive only and should be reviewed thoroughly.

Use one of these options for reviewing the tags, as needed.

Perform a Bulk Action

After thoroughly reviewing, you can choose to tag multiple record pairs across all pages as Match, Non-Match, or Unsure in one go by using the Bulk Action option. Follow these steps to perform this action:
  1. Select multiple record pairs using the respective check-boxes. To select all the records displayed on the page, click the check-box in the header row.
  2. From the Bulk Action drop-down, select the required option (Match, Non-Match, or Unsure).
  3. Click the Apply button.
    Note: Uncheck all the record pairs which were a part of bulk action to continue manual tagging.

Use Filters

Use any of the required filters on the top of the table to select the required set of data.
  • All - This displays all the record pairs.
  • Match - This displays the record pairs which are tagged as a match.
  • Non- Match - This displays the record pairs which are tagged as non- match.
  • Unsure - This displays the record pairs which are tagged as unsure.

Save and Hide Tagged Records

  • To save the tags specified by you, click the Save Tagging button on the top right of the page just above the table. Your specifications will remain saved across multiple sessions.
  • To reset the tagging done so far, click the Reset Tagging button.
  • To hide the tagged records so that you can clearly review the ones you were unsure of, click the Hide Tagged Records check-box on the right side in the header row.
Note: You must tag all record pairs to generate an accurate match rule. If adequate records are not tagged, the generated match criteria might be incorrect.

Similarity Score

The similarity score indicates the percentage that your data is alike. The similarity score is calculated internally by the system based on algorithms when the records are compared. A value of 75 and above indicates a match, and a value of 60 and below indicates no similarity. Refer to the below table to understand the value and its meaning.
Note: You can sort the data using the sorting feature on Similarity score and work on the record pairs on the similarity score boundaries.
Similarity Score Indicating?
0-60 Non-Match
61-74 Unsure
75-100 Match

Use the similarity score slider filter that enables you to filter results by a range that you specify by setting a minimum and maximum value. To further narrow the possible results from this filter, you can drag the left-hand slider to the right or left to choose a new minimum value and drag the right-hand slider to the left or right to choose a new maximum value.

Use the Reset button to reset the values. By default, the range displayed is between 55 and 100.


This is an example of how the similarity scores are determined. Let us assume that the FirstName and Address columns were selected in the previous step for generating the matching criteria.
  • The first comparison is considered a Match because the FirstName and Address matches and the similarity score meets or exceeds the system-defined match score.
  • The second comparison is considered Unsure because only the Address matches, and the similarity score is less than the system-defined match score.
  • The third comparison is considered a Non-Match because the FirstName and Address do not match at all, and the similarity score is too less than the system-defined match score.
FirstName Address System Generated Tagging Similarity Score


68846 John Island

68846 Jon Island

Match 100


830 Johnson Streen

830 Johnson Stream

Unsure 69


186 George Views

072 Courtney Mountains

Non-Match 21