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You can configure the cache time for the logical models in a model store by using the Cache Configuration button.

  1. In a web browser, go to:


    Where server is the server name or IP address of your Spectrum Technology Platform server and port is the HTTP port. By default, the HTTP port is 8080.

  2. Log in using your credentials.
  3. On the Spectrum Discovery home page, click Modeling > Model Store.
  4. From the list of model stores displayed, select the model store for which you want to define the cache configuration, and click the Edit Model Store icon .
    Note: You cannot define the cache configuration of already deployed model stores. In such cases, you need to undeploy the model store. The Edit Model Store icon will be enabled after deployment.
    The Edit Model Store page is displayed, listing all the models in this model store.
  5. Select the Include check box of the logical model and click the Cache Configuration button that appears.
    Note: This button is displayed only for the logical models in the model store.

    Once configuration is defined for a logical model in model store, the Cache Configuration button remains enabled for it until you uncheck the Include check box.

    The Cache configuration for model <name of the logical model> pop-up is displayed showing a default cache time of 120 minutes (in the Model's Time To Live field) for all the entities in the model.
  6. In the Model's Time To Live field, enter the duration (in minutes) for which you want to enable caching. The default duration is 120 minutes.
    Note: The duration you enter in this field is automatically populated in the Time To Live fields for all the entities in the model. However, you can override the cache duration for any entity by turning the Override TTL selection On.
  7. To enable caching of the entities in the model, select the respective Enable Cache check box. To enable caching of all the entities in the model, select the Enable Cache check box in the header.
  8. To customize the cache duration for any of the entities in the model, click the Override TTL slider to On, and enter the required cache override duration in the respective Time to Live field.
  9. To clear all the cache configuration overrides for the model, click the Clear all overrides button.
    The customizations done in the Override TTL and Time To Live fields are overridden and the Time To Live for all the entities is set to the value defined in the Model's Time To Live field.
  10. Click the OK button.

The cache time is set, as specified for all the entities in the logical model and you return to the Edit Model Store page.