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As an approver, you can see the entity details and give suggestions on editing or updating it. However, you can not update any of the details yourself.
Note: To be able to review an entity, these two conditions need to me met:
  1. You have an approver role assigned
  2. Your role is mapped to the approval level you are reviewing
For details on creating and mapping roles, see Creating a Role in Spectrum Management Console in the Administration Guide.

To review an entity, perform these steps:

  1. Log in with your credentials.
  2. On the Spectrum Discovery menu bar, click Edit Glossary.
  3. On the Dashboard page, click the required entity in the My Tasks table.
    The Glossary Entity Details page is displayed.
    Note: You can also reach this page using the Glossary Entity tab. Click the tab, from the list of entities, select the required one, and click the View entity icon .
  4. View the details, and perform one of these steps:
    1. Click the Approve button, to approve the entity.
    2. Click the Propose Changes button, and enter your suggestions in the pop-up that is displayed. Adding comment to this pop-up is mandatory.
      Note: You can add other feedback using the Add Comments icon on the right side of the page.
    3. Add a note for a specified user with the help of the Comments text box on the right side of the page. To tag the note to a user, type @ and select the required user. The note appears in the Notifications pane of the user's dashboard. For example, if you are Owner1 user and you post a note to steward as: "@steward modify the property details", for Employee entity it will be displayed on the dashboard of the steward as: Owner1 tagged you in a comment on Entity Employee. The steward is taken to the Entity Details page on clicking the entity name (Employee in this case). This Entity Details page shows the note.
      Note: Only those users who have access to Spectrum Discovery glossary entities will be available for tagging.
    1. The approved entity moves to the queue of the next role defined in the approval flow. In case there is only one level of approval defined in the work flow, the entity gets published.
    2. The unapproved entities move back to the data steward queue for feedback incorporation. (SeeModifying Entity Details ).