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  1. On the Catalog, scroll down to the Connections section.
    It displays a list of all the configured connections and the related details.
  2. From the list of configured connections, click Discover adjacent to the connection you want to discover. To search for a specific connection in the list, use the Filter type-ahead text box.
    Note: To achieve best results and performance, you should discover connections one-by-one. Even if you click the Discover button for multiple connections, the process will not move to the next connection, until the Semantic and Metadata analysis of the previous one is completed.
    Discovery begins and the Discover button is replaced by Metadata analysis and Semantic analysis progress bars. The progress is displayed in percentage and the bars are replaced by the Rediscover button when both the processes complete successfully.
    Note: Use the Abort Discovery icon to cancel the discovery process in between.
  3. To view connection-specific discovery details, look at these columns in the Connections table:
    Field Details
    Name Name by which you have configured connections in Spectrum Discovery or Management Console.
    Type The type of connection. For example, Flat file or Amazon cloud.
    Asset Count The number of tables, views, or columns discovered in this connection.
    Discovered on Date and time on which you discovered the connection.
    Duration Time taken to discover the connection.
    Actions Provides options to Discover, Rediscover, or Undiscover the connection, as required.
  4. To view all the tables, columns, or views in the discovered connections, click the respective card. For example, click the Table card to view all the discovered tables.
  5. To view the count of discovered and undiscovered connections, see the Connections donut.
  6. To rediscover a connection, click the Rediscover button.
    Rediscovery adds and removes the assets based on the updates made to the source connection.
  7. To undiscover a connection, click the respective Undiscover icon .
    This removes all the discovered assets of the connection.
  8. To refresh the list of connections, click the Refresh icon .
    The list gets updated based on added/removed connections.
    Note: Connections are configured using the Data Sources tab of Spectrum Discovery or through Management Console.