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Before you begin this procedure, read Upgrading a Cluster, and make sure you have performed the prerequisites described there.

To upgrade Spectrum Technology Platform with Context Graph, perform the following steps.
Note: See supported Upgrade Paths. Make sure that you follow the appropriate upgrade path for the currently installed version of Spectrum that you want to upgrade.
  1. Before you upgrade to Spectrum Technology Platform 2023.1, back up model metadata using the CLI contextgraph schema export command. See the Spectrum Administration Guide.
  2. Make sure each node in the Spectrum Technology Platform cluster has been shut down. For more information, see Stopping a Cluster.
  3. Check that all Spectrum Java processes on each machine are stopped before you start the upgrade.
  4. Perform the Spectrum Technology Platform upgrade on each node in the cluster. For more information and other configurations that are required, see Upgrading a Cluster.

    Important: The installer will prompt whether to start the Spectrum Technology Platform. Make sure this option is not selected so that the server does not start automatically when the installation completes.

  5. After completing the upgrade, apply any updates to each node in the cluster.
  6. Start all nodes consecutively after upgrading. Make sure that you start node-2 within seconds after starting node-1 and repeat this interval for any additional nodes.
If running Neo4j 4.4.x of the separate Neo4j Graph Database Server cluster:
  1. Make sure the Neo4j Graph Database cluster instance is running.
  2. Sign into the Spectrum Management Console and click Resources > Context Graph Repository Configuration. Click the Test button to test the connection settings are still working with the Neo4j Graph Database cluster instance.
If you are upgrading and migrating from Neo4j 4.4.x to the latest 5.x.x version of the separate Neo4j Graph Database Server cluster:
  1. Make sure you backup all Context Graph models from your Neo4j 4.4.x Graph Database installation.
  2. Install the Neo4j Graph Database 5.x.x version in a cluster. Make sure the cluster instance is running. See Installing a Cluster for Context Graph.
  3. Restore the Neo4j 4.4.x backup models on one of the Neo4j 5.x cluster nodes.

    Example: neo4j-admin database restore --from-path=C:/model_backups/modelName.

    See https://neo4j.com/docs/upgrade-migration-guide/current/.

  4. Migrate the models using the neo4j-admin database migrate <databasename> command.

    Example: neo4j-admin database migrate modelName --force-btree-indexes-to-range.

  5. From the Neo4j Browser, run the command SHOW SERVERS YIELD * on one of the nodes in the cluster to get the ServerId for the node you restored the model on. See https://neo4j.com/docs/operations-manual/5/clustering/.
  6. From the Neo4j Browser, run the command:
    CREATE DATABASE <databasename> TOPOLOGY 3 PRIMARIES 0 SECONDARIES OPTIONS {existingData: 'use', existingDataSeedInstance: 'ServerId'}
  7. After upgrading and migrating the Context Graph models to the Neo4j 5.x Graph Database cluster, open Context Graph Visualization and make sure you can open and query a model.