Migrating your search indexes - 23.1


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If you are migrating from release version 2018.2 or later, your ElasticSearch indexes will migrate during the upgrade process.

Important: Your server must be up and running to migrate your search indexes.
If you are upgrading from version 12.2.1 or earlier, you have to perform a separate, manual process as part of the upgrade to migrate your Elasticsearch indexes to release 2023.1. This process will maintain your compatibility with the latest version of Elasticsearch. We provide scripts to do this:
  • export
  • delete-all-indexes
  • import
Using the command parameters outlined below, perform these steps.
Table 1. Index command parameters
Command parameter Description Default value
-b value Optional - Number of records in one batch import = 1_000

export = 25_000

-e path Full path to where the Spectrum indexes will be exported to or imported from  
-f value Optional - Number of records in each file 100_000
-h value Optional - Number of concurrent threads 4
-o operation Operation: exp, imp, or del  
-p filename Optional – Override properties file containing default override index connection properties  
-r value Optional – Batch size for profiling index report 500
-s path Full path to the Spectrum installation location: Directory that includes the /server, /index, and /repository directories  
-t value Optional – Timeout for export connection, in minutes 5
You can perform the import/export from a script (*.bat or *.sh) or by using the upgrade-index.jar file.
  • If you use the script method to import/export, the –o parameter is implied and does not have to be specified.
  • If you are not importing/exporting from the script, specify: javaLocation -jar upgrade-index.jar
  1. Export your indexes before upgrading to 2023.1.
    export.bat –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation
    export.sh –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation
  2. Delete your indexes.
    delete-all-indexes.bat –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation
    delete-all-indexes.sh –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation
  3. Upgrade to release 2023.1 of Spectrum Technology Platform.
  4. Import your indexes to 2023.1 after the upgrade.
    import.bat –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation
    import.sh –e backuplocation –s spectruminstalllocation