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Follow steps in this procedure to create a best of breed record in a collection.

Best of breed records can only be added to non-zero collections. Also, a best of breed record must be created for each collection within a group before you can accept all the records within that group. If a Best of Breed record does not exist for a collection and the user clicks save, the record status changes to Failed.
  1. Select a record in the collection and click the Add Best of Breed Record button Add Best of Breed Record button).

    This will make a copy of the record you selected and place it just after that record in the Data Stewardship Portal Editor. When you save the best of breed record, it will move to the bottom of the record collection. If you look at the best of breed record's history, you will see a link to the record from which it was copied.

    Note: You can undo this step by selecting the best of breed record and then clicking the Remove Best of Breed Record button Remove Best of Breed Record button).
  2. To combine fields into the best of breed record, drag and drop fields from the duplicate records into the best of breed record.

    There are some limitations to drag-and-drop in this environment:

    • The cell you are dragging from one record to another cannot be in an "edit" state (though the cell where you are dropping it can be).
    • When you drop one cell onto another cell (whether in the same row or a different row) the second cell will take on the value of the first cell.
    • You cannot drag and drop Boolean-type cells.
    • You can drag non-string-type cells to string-type cells (such as date fields), but you cannot drop string-type cells to non-string-type cells.
    • You cannot drop a cell onto another cell that uses lookup values (such as combination box editors), but you can drag a value from these cells to other string-type cells.
    • You cannot drop a cell onto a read-only cell.
  3. Click the Save changes button.