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Firm name search

Parameter Description


Specifies whether to use firm name matching logic to enhance address matching. Firm matching logic matches a business name in the input to recognized business names. The input firm name does not need to be spelled correctly to obtain a match. A soundex algorithm is used to match the firm name. A suite or unit number is not required to make the match.

Note: This type of match is not available when processing in CASS mode.

One of the following:

Always attempt to match using firm name matching. If firm name matching fails, attempt to match using address matching.
Use firm matching only if a match cannot be determined using address matching.
Do not use firm matching. Default. Note that the firm name may be corrected even if you specify Never if a match can be found using the address line data.

Building search

Parameter Description


Specifies whether to attempt to obtain a street address when the input address contains a building name with no suite or unit number.

When this option is disabled, the geocoder is able to match to building names only if there is a unit number in the input. For example, if the building search option were disabled and you entered this input:

5001 Chrysler Bldg
New York, NY 10174

The street address would be returned:

405 Lexington Ave
RM 5001
New York, NY 10174-5002

With this option enabled, the geocoder is also able to obtain a street address when only a building name with no unit number is provided. For example, if you enable this option and provide this address:

Chrysler Bldg
New York, NY 10174

You will get the street address:

405 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10174-00

Note: This type of match is not available when processing in CASS mode.
Use firm name matching logic. Default.
Do not use firm name matching logic.

Point of Interest matching

The optional Point Of Interest (POI) Index file (poi.gsi) included with the Master Location Data and HERE Point Addresses datasets provides expanded support in alias name matching.

To enable POI matching:
  1. Add the MLD or HERE Point Addresses data as a Database Resource.
  2. Set Option.BuildingSearch to Y. The POI Index file will automatically be searched when this option is enabled and a firm, building or POI name is specified in the AddressLine1 input field.
  3. If an alias match is made to the POI Index file, the IsAlias output field, or, in the case of a centerline match, CenterlineIsAlias field, returns A11. To enable the return of these fields, set Option.OutputRecordType = Q and N respectively.