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The second digit of the AddressQuality field (for example,V5) is set to 4 or 5 or LocationCode:

AP02 - Parcel centroid

Indicates the center of an accessor's parcel (tract or lot) polygon. When the center of an irregularly shaped parcel falls outside of its polygon, the centroid is manually repositioned to fall inside the polygon as closely as possible to the actual center.

AP04 - Address points

Represents field-collected GPS points with field-collected address data.

AP05 - Structure point

Indicates a location within a building footprint polygon that is associated with the matched address.

Usually, residential addresses consist of a single building. For houses with outbuildings (for example, detached garages, sheds, barns), the structure point will typically fall on the primary structure.

Condominiums and duplexes have multiple, individual addresses and may have multiple structure points for each building. Multi-unit buildings are typically represented by a single structure point associated with the primary or base address, rather than discrete structure points for each unit.

Shopping malls, industrial complexes, and academic or medical center campuses are commonly represented by a single structure point associated with the primary or base address for the entire complex. When multiple addresses are assigned to multiple buildings within one complex, multiple structure points may be represented within the same complex.

AP07 - Manually placed

Address points are manually placed to coincide with the midpoint of a parcel's street frontage at a distance from the center line.

AP08 - Front door point

Represents the designated primary entrance to a building. If a building has multiple entrances and there is no designated primary entrance or the primary entrance cannot readily be determined, the primary entrance is chosen based on proximity to the main access street and availability of parking.

AP09 - Driveway offset point

Represents a point located on the primary access road (most commonly a driveway) at a perpendicular distance of between 33-98 feet (10-30 meters) from the main roadway.

AP10 - Street access point

Represents the primary point of access from the street network. This address point type is located where the driveway or other access road intersects the main roadway.