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Refresh a template

When you refresh a template:

  • The current data source structure will be pulled down to SmartTemplate Pro and your sheet will be restructured accordingly.

  • If the template is configured with a Saved Set or Saved Search, EnterWorks will use its current definition of the Saved Set or Saved Search to determine which records to download to SmartTemplate Pro. Any new records in the EnterWorks repositories that are included in the Saved Set or Saved Search will be downloaded to your sheet. Any records that have been removed from the EnterWorks repositories or that no longer meet the inclusion criteria will be removed from your sheet.

When you refresh a template, you have the option of overwriting the current sheet or having the action create a new sheet instead.

To refresh a template:

  1. Click the Refresh Template button on the toolbar.
  2. A message will appear that warns you that refreshing the template will clear the data in the Excel sheet and asks if you want to overwrite the current sheet. Click one of the buttons to proceed.
    • Yes: If you select Yes, the template structure and any records that match any Saved Set or Saved Search conditions will be downloaded from EnterWorks into your sheet, overwriting your current sheet.

    • No: If you select No, your current sheet will not be overwritten. A new sheet will be created and the template structure and any records matching any Saved Set or Saved Search conditions will be downloaded from EnterWorks into your new sheet.

    • Cancel: If you select Cancel, the dialog will close and no changes will be made to your sheet.

Write a sheet's headers

When you write the sheet's headers:

  • SmartTemplate Pro does not retrieve the current attribute names from EnterWorks. It simply uses the attribute names from the template to re-write the column headers. This feature allows you to restore the headers if you accidentally edit them.

  • Any formatting in your sheet will be lost.

  • The data in your sheet will not be changed.

  • Status messages in log column headers and in the log columns will be cleared.

To refresh the sheet's headers:

  1. Click the Write Headers button.
  2. If the current sheet is empty, the headers will be written. If the current sheet is not empty, a message will appear that warns you that writing the headers on the current sheet will cause the header row to be overwritten, log messages to be cleared, and any formatting in the sheet to be lost. Click Yes to continue or No to exit without refreshing the headers.