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Tips for resolving issues.

An action stalls and says Excel is in editing mode.

If your cursor is in a cell and you make any change to that cell while an action is processing, SmartTemplate Pro will pause processing records and issue an error message. To resume processing, move your cursor outside the sheet's data area, (for example, to an empty space on the toolbar), and click. SmartTemplate Pro will resume processing your selected action.

If the value of an attribute is removed in SmartTemplate Pro and the record is posted, the value is not removed in the EnterWorks application.

By default, empty data values are ignored when posted. There is a setting in the Application Options (%appdata%\Enterworks\Enable\AppOptions.xml) named UpdateEmptyDataValues. If you set it to True, empty data values will be posted.

If a user enters a value in an auto-generated, read only field, it is not appearing in the EnterWorks repository even though SmartTemplate Pro says it was successfully posted.

Changes made to read-only values will not be posted to EnterWorks, including auto-generated primary key fields.

Category attributes are not retrieved if the EnterWorks exchange template is set to include all category attributes.

Category attributes must be manually included in the EnterWorks exchange template to appear in Excel.

Error handling should be done if an EnterWorks template includes repositories with many-to-many relationships and Digital Asset Management (DAM).

This version of SmartTemplate Pro does not support many-to-many linked repositories and DAM.

The SmartTemplate Pro application is considered malicious when an attempt is made to install it.

Add the SmartTemplate Pro installation application to your computer's allowlist.

In the case of multilevel child repositories, SmartTemplate Pro is unable to post the data if a circular link reference exists between the root repository and one of the children.

If a circular link reference exists, the import process cannot tell which repository is the ultimate root repository, so the import fails. There must be at least one repository in the template that is not configured as a child to any of the other nodes in the template.

An error is not generated when duplicate records are created.

The user will have to delete the duplicate records using the EnterWorks New UI.