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Configuration information and design considerations.

EnterWorks Configuration

When a user creates a SmartTemplate Pro template, they select:

  • Data Source: The data source specifies which attributes of which repositories the user can access, and what the definition of those attributes are, (such as their data type or if they are required).

  • Saved Set: (optional) A Saved Set in the root repository that contains the records that will be downloaded to SmartTemplate Pro.

  • Saved Search: (optional) A Saved Search in the root repository that returns the records that will be downloaded to SmartTemplate Pro.

EnterWorks uses exchange templates to specify which attribute are displayed in SmartTemplate Pro, which repositories the attribute values are pulled from, the repositories' link relationships, and the definition of the attributes. When the SmartTemplate Pro user selects a data source, they are selecting an exchange template from the list of all existing EnterWorks exchange templates they are authorized to see.

If you would like the user to be able to download records from EnterWorks into SmartTemplate Pro, you must create Saved Sets or Saved Searches in the root repository that specify which records EnterWorks will send. When the user creates a SmartTemplate Pro template, they will be able to select from the list of all Saved Sets and Saved Searches in the root repository that they are authorized to see. If the user does not select a Saved Set or a Saved Search, EnterWorks will not download data to SmartTemplate Pro.

Design Considerations

Take the following into consideration when defining how your users will use SmartTemplate Pro to access your EnterWorks content.

  • System performance: The more attributes the user is sending back and forth to EnterWorks, the longer it will take post, get, and validate data. Make sure your Saved Sets are small enough and your Saved Searches are restrictive enough that they send only the data your user needs to access.

  • Category attributes must be included manually in the exchange template. Selecting "Include All Category Attributes" in the exchange template will not cause them to be sent to SmartTemplate Pro.

  • There can be no circular references in the link relationships. There must be a root repository that is not a descendent of the other repositories in the exchange template.

  • SmartTemplate Pro does not support many-to-many link relationships.

SmartTemplate Pro in an Single Sign-on (SSO) environment

SmartTemplate Pro is an application that uses the user's identity to access data from EnterWorks using the EnterWorks REST API. In order for SmartTemplate Pro to verify user assess using SSO, EnterWorks must be configured for SSO.

Additional Configuration Information

If the value of an attribute is removed in SmartTemplate Pro and the record is posted, the value is not removed in the EnterWorks application. By default, empty data values are ignored when posted. There is a setting in the Application Options (%appdata%\Enterworks\Enable\AppOptions.xml) called UpdateEmptyDataValues. If you set it to True, empty data values will be posted.