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  1. Select the check box next to the Style Map you want to edit in the Publication Style Maps section.

  1. To edit the Style Map, select Edit under the Action drop down Menu (delete the Style Map with Delete under the Action drop down menu).

  1. The Edit Style Map window will open. Select an element to edit and click the button and a separate Edit Record window will open.

  1. Make changes to the element, click Submit to apply the changes, and click the X on the top-right of the window to close the record.

  2. To change the sequence of the element records, click Change Sequence link under the Description field.

  1. Select an element record and drag it to the new position.

  1. T1 was moved the third position in the Main Table Variables Type in the example above.

  2. Click Edit Design Elements link under the Description field to exit the change sequence function.

  1. An element record can be deleted by selecting the record and clicking the trashcan button on the bottom left.

  1. Click the Delete button on the confirmation window or the Cancel button.

  2. When finished making edits select the Save button at the bottom of the window.

  1. If the Style Map is used in a Publication Template, a dependency window will be displayed before the changes are saved. The pop-up will have a list of all Publication Templates that are dependent on the style map. If Accept Changes is clicked, the style map will be changed within each of those templates.