Using the Single Sign-On Function - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

EnterWorks EPX TaskManager

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EnterWorks EPX TaskManager
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The system administrator will configure EPX and the portal software to interact (see the Installation guide). Once configured, the portal application will login to TaskManager through the Single-Sign On Interface (SSOI) by providing a valid EPX user ID only. The portal application automatically performs the authentication of the user. The TaskManager Summary page and Start New Process option is displayed in the portal page.

  1. Log in to the portal. The portal page will display the Work List Summary and Start New Process button. From this page, the user can do two basic functions - display Inbox or create a New Work Item. On this screen, there are several columns - Work List Profile Description, Total Items, New Items, Pending Item, and Overdue Items - displayed in a manner similar to the Summary page within TaskManager.

  2. To display your Inbox, select the desired Box Profile under the Work List column. A new window will be opened to display the TaskManager with the selected Box Profile. If a TaskManager window is already open and a user selects a new and different Box Profile than what is currently displayed, the newly selected Box Profile will replace the currently displayed Box Profile in the open window.

  3. To create a new work item, select Start New Process. The New Work Item window will be launched in a separate window if a TaskManager window is not already open. If a TaskManager window is already open, the New Work Item window will replace the currently displayed view.

  4. If a portal user saves, send, or cancels creation of a New Work Item in the TaskManager window, the user will be returned to the TaskManager Inbox.