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When you first open TaskManager, the content pane displays the Inbox page by default, showing the contents of your inbox. The Inbox page lists work items assigned to you that need to be processed. By default, the Inbox page displays the following information:

This Column… Specifies…
Work item The name of the work item that is in the inbox. To open a work item, click the name of the work item, or select the checkbox next to the name and click Open (under Actions) in the navigation pane.
Priority The priority-level of the work item.
Activity The title of the activity that is accomplished when you complete the work item.
Sender The name of the participant who sent the work item to your Inbox.
Sent Date The date and time that the work item was sent to your Inbox.
Status The most current status of the work item.

Note: This default information is displayed when System defined box profile (the default) is selected in the Profile List. A Box Profile is a type of custom “at-a-glance” view designed by EPX administrators to display particular work item data on the Inbox page in TaskManager. If you have been given access to Box Profiles in addition to the system default, then the data displayed on the Inbox page will change when you click a new profile in the Profile List.

If you use the Box Profile option in TaskManager Preferences to change the default Box Profile, the default view, or both, then upon logging in to the TaskManager, the Inbox page may present different information than what is described above, or it may present the Work Item Summary page instead of the Inbox page (see Setting Box Profile Options for more information).