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A Box Profile is a type of custom “at-a-glance” view designed by EPX administrators to display particular work item data on the Inbox, Sentbox or Draftbox pages in TaskManager. If you have been given access to Box Profiles in addition to the system default Box Profile, you can change your Box Profile settings so that one of the custom Box Profiles is displayed as the default Box Profile, instead of having the generic system Box Profile as the default. Additionally, you can have the Work Item Summary page, instead of the Inbox page, appear as the default page when you begin a new TaskManager session. To modify your Box Profile preferences:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand the Preferences menu and then click Box Profile to open the Default Inbox Profile page.

  2. To select one of your available Box Profiles as the default, select the Default option next to the desired profile name.

  3. If you want to show the Work Item Summary page as the default first page instead of the Inbox page, select the Display summary as first page checkbox (see screen shot below).

  1. When you have finished configuring your Box Profile settings, click OK.

Note: Same steps apply when you modify your Box Profile settings in your Sentbox or Draftbox pages.

  1. Glossary

The following definitions apply to topics covered in this guide.

access control A configurable mechanism that protects EPX objects from unauthorized access.
access permissions Define a participant’s or BIC’s ability to access EPX object types; permissions include read, write, create, and delete.
activity A unit of work performed by a single process flow participant.
activity name The label given to an activity in a process flow.
actor The participant, BIC, or role that performs the work associated with a given activity in a process flow.
actor selection An actor selection page will be displayed when a participant who is performing a work item, must select the next participant to which the work item will be sent.
Administration The component within Design Console where you can perform administration tasks such as creating new users and groups.
Box profile A custom “at-a-glance” view designed by EPX administrators to display particular work item data on the Inbox page in TaskManager.
Draft A list of work items that have been created, but not yet introduced into a process flow.
Enable Process Exchange (EPX) An object-oriented, Java-based automation tool that extends process flow technology to business processes.
enroute work item A work item that has been introduced into a process flow but has not yet reached its final destination activity in the process flow.
Inbox A list of pending work items assigned to a participant.
navigation pane The left-hand pane in TaskManager and the Report Tool, used to select or move through the various elements of each tool.
participant Actor that performs the work represented by a manual activity instance.
process flow The flow of information and control in a business process.
routing slip A routing slip will be displayed when a participant who is performing a work item, must select the next activity or activities to which the work item will be sent.
send A request to send a work item to the next destination in the process flow.
sender The participant or BIC that you received a work item from.
Sent box The list of work item versions that have been performed by yourself and sent on to the next destination.
starting point An activity within a process flow in which work items may be introduced.
System defined box profile The default “at-a-glance” view to display standard work item data on the Inbox page in TaskManager.
task An activity.
TaskManager A web-based application that allows process flow participants to access their assigned work items.
URL Uniform Resource Locator, used by web-based browsers.
work item Data passed in a process flow.
work item content An instance of the data that represents a work item at a given activity in a process flow. Also called work item version.
work item viewer An HTML, JSP, or generic file that TaskManager uses to display a view of the data contained in a work item version.
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