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If your EPX system administrator has assigned you as an actor on an activity that is the starting point in a process flow, then in TaskManager you will have the ability to create new work items for that flow. For example, you could be assigned as a purchase requestor in a purchase order process flow, and therefore, it would be your responsibility to initiate process flows by creating new purchase orders.

Note: If your EPX system administrator has not assigned you as an actor on a starting point activity, then you cannot create any new work items.

To create a new work item:

  1. In the navigation pane, expand the Actions menu and then click New Work Item.

If you have been assigned as an actor on starting point activities in two or more process flows, the Work Item Wizard - select a starting activity page appears, listing all of the starting point activities for which you are an actor. Each entry in the Starting Activities list consists of the name of the process flow, followed by the default name of the starting point activity.

In the Starting Activities list, click the name of the activity which you want to create a new work item for and then click Next.

Note: If you have been assigned to only one starting point activity, the Work Item Wizard page is unnecessary and therefore is not displayed. Instead, TaskManager takes you directly to the first page for the particular work item that you are completing.

  1. If your EPX administrator has given you the ability to edit the default name and description of the work item you are creating, then the Work Item Wizard - enter a name and description page appears. The default name of the work item automatically appears in the Work Item Name field, and the default description (if any) automatically appears in the Description field.

If you want to change either the default name or description, delete the default text and type your own.

Note: Every work item is required to have a name, but descriptions are optional. When you are satisfied with the work item’s name and description, click Finish.

  1. Complete the work item by entering all required information. When you are done, click Send to send the work item to the next actor in the flow. If you cannot complete the work item at this time and want to save it so that you can return to it later, click Save to place the work item in your Drafts box.