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To obtain specific information on an EPX API, programmers may view the javadoc documentation that has been produced for every API. The HTML javadocs are installed with EPX in the docs/api directory. By opening the index.html page, the programmer has an easy reference to all API documentation. All classes are listed alphabetically in the All Classes listing, or alternatively, all facade classes can be found in the Packages listing, with the prefix com.enterworks.client.facade. In standard javadoc fashion, each API description contains an explanation of its function as well as descriptions of each parameter. Links to documentation for VO classes and other EPX classes are provided where appropriate. The following is an example of the javadoc provided for one of the EPX API methods, WorkListFacade::getInBox():


public Box getInBox(SessionProfile sessionProfile,

int start,

int count,

java.util.Collection sort)

throws WorkListException

method: getInBox This method returns a client's InBox; the client specifies the number of box items to return, the starting index for the box items, and an optional set of sorting criteria for the box items. See Box and BoxItem for more details.


sessionProfile - The Session Profile

start - The starting index for the number of items to

return in the box (i.e. start at item #10)

count - How many items to return; if <= 0, then the value

for worklist.box.batchsize in config.properties is

used (this value defaults to 50)

sort - A collection of SortCriteria objects used to sort

the items in the InBox; can be null


Box A Box representing an inbox (A page of work item versions in user's inbox)

See Also:

SessionProfile, SortCriteria, Box

In this getInBox() example, clicking on the link to the class Box provides access to the javadoc for this class, where a link to the BoxItem class can be found. Chapter 2 of this Guide details how to obtain the instance of the class SessionProfile used here (and in almost every facade method) as a parameter.