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Work Item Bean/Facade Error Messages
Message Number Message Key Message Text
65100 WORKITEM_ERROR_CREATE Error creating workitem version on activity ""{0}"".
65101 WORKITEM_NULL_ACTIVITY Activity is null.
65102 WORKITEM_PROCESS_NOT_FOUND Process not found forID = {0}.
65103 WORKITEM_PROCESS_NOT_VALID Process ""{0}""({1}) is not valid.
65104 WORKITEM_NOT_SUBFLOW Flow ""{0}""({1}) is not a subflow.
65105 WORKITEM_NOT_PEER_SERVER Server ""{0}"" is not a peer to server ""{1}"".
65106 WORKITEM_NOT_DISTRIBUTED_TO_SER VER The flow ""{0}""({1}) has not been distributed to {2}.
65108 WORKITEM_DISTRIBUTED_FLOW_NO_SP Distributed subflow ""{0}""({1}) does not have a starting point.
65109 WORKITEM_DISTRIBUTED_FLOW_TO_MA NY_SP Distributed subflow ""{0}""({1}) has more than 1 starting point.
65110 WORKITEM_ERROR_CREATE_WI_FOR_DI STRIBUTED_FLOW Error create work item for distributed subflow "{0}""({1}).
65111 WORKITEM_ERROR_CREATE_AND_SEND Error create and send work item on activity {0}.
65112 WORKITEM_NULL_PRIORITY_CODE Priority code is null on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65113 WORKITEM_NO_DEFAULT_PROCESS_PRI ORITY Could not find default priority for process ID = {0}.

Default priority code is null process ID =


65200 WORKITEM_ERROR_OPEN Error open work item version with ID = {0}.
65201 WORKITEM_ROLE_NOT_FOUND Cannot find role with ID = {0}.
65202 WORKITEM_OPENED_BY_OTHER_APP Work item version has already been opened by server application with ID = {0}.
65203 WORKITEM_ERROR_OPEN_BY_WORKITE M_ID Error open work item versions with work item ID = {0}.
65300 WORKITEM_ERROR_UPDATE Error update work item version with ID = {0}.
65301 WORKITEM_LOCKED_BY_OTHER_USER Work item version is locked by another user.
65302 WORKITEM_ERROR_UPDATE_AND_RELE ASE Error update and release work item version with ID = {0}.
65303 WORKITEM_ERROR_MARK_LAST_UPDAT E Error mark last update on work item with ID = {0}.
65304 WORKITEM_ERROR_UPDATE_ERROR_IN FO Error update error information on work item version with ID = {0}.
65305 WORKITEM_APPLICATION_NOT_FOUND Cannot find application with ID = {0}.
65306 WORKITEM_REASSIGN_WIV_OUTSIDE_IN BOX Cannot reassign work item version that is not in an INBOX.



Cannot reassign a work item version from a user to a BIC.
65308 WORKITEM_REASSIGN_FROM_BIC_TO_BI C Cannot reassign a work item version from a BIC to a different type of BIC.
65309 WORKITEM_REASSIGN_FROM_BIC_TO_U SER Cannot reassign a work item version from a BIC to a user.
65310 WORKITEM_REASSIGN Error reassign work item versions.
65311 WORKITEM_ADD_COMMENT_LIST Error add comment list to work item version with ID = {0}.
65313 WORKITEM_ERROR_UPDATE_EXPIRED_I ND Error update expired indicator on work item version with ID = {0}.
65314 WORKITEM_RELEASE_ERROR Error release work item version with ID = {0}.
65400 WORKITEM_ERROR_DELETE Error delete work item version.
65401 WORKITEM_ERROR_PURGE Error purge work item version.
65500 WORKITEM_ERROR_SEND Error sending work item version with ID = {0}.
65501 WORKITEM_SEND_FROM_ACTIVITY Error sending work item version from activity ""{0}""({1}).
65502 WORKITEM_VERSION_NOT_FOUND Work item version not found for work version ID = {0}.
65503 WORKITEM_RETURN_TO_TOO_MANY_AC TIVITY Cannot return to more than one activity from a remote flow.
65504 WORKITEM_SENT_ALREADY Work item version with ID = {0} has already been sent.
65505 WORKITEM_REMOTE_PROCESS_NOT_FO UND Process not found for remote subflow activity ""{0}""({1}).
65506 WORKITEM_REMOTE_PROCESS_INVALID Remote process for remote subflow activity “”{0}””({1}) is not valid.
65507 WORKITEM_NULL_REMOTE_PROCESS_I D Remote process ID for activity ""{0}""({1}) is null.
65508 WORKITEM_REMOTE_SERVER_NOT_FOU ND Remote server not found for server ID {0}.
65509 WORKITEM_NULL_PARENT_VERSION_ID Parent version ID for work item version {0} is null.
65510 WORKITEM_DESTINATION_INVALID Destination activity ""{0}""({1}) is invalid.
65511 WORKITEM_NULL_OVERRIDE_PRIORITY Override priority is null on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65512 WORKITEM_ACTIVITY_TYPE_UNKNOWN Destination type unknown on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65513 WORKITEM_BASE_URL_NOT_FOUND Base URL not found on server ""{0}"".
65514 WORKITEM_TOO_MANY_BASE_URL Too many base URL found on server ""{0}"".
65515 WORKITEM_GET_COMMENT_LIST Error get comment list for work item version id = {0}.
65516 WORKITEM_ERROR_MERGE Error merge work item version on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65517 WORKITEM_ROLE_NOT_DYNAMIC Role ""{0}"" is not a dynamic role.
65518 WORKITEM_ROLE_NO_PROPERTY_KEY Dynamic role ""{0}""does not have a property key defined.



User login not found for dynamic role ""{0}"".



Dynamic role ""{0}""cannot point to a selection role or dynamic role ""{1}"".
65521 WORKITEM_NULL_REMOTE_SUBFLOW_I D Remote subflow ID is null on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65522 WORKITEM_NO_DESTINATION_ON_SPLIT User did not select a destination on SOME/ ONE split ""{0}""({1}).
65523 WORKITEM_TOO_MANY_DESTINATION_O N_SPLIT User selected more than one destination on ONE split ""{0}""({1}).
65524 WORKITEM_GET_USER_SELECTED_DES T Error get user selected destination on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65525 WORKITEM_SELECTION_ROLE_UNRESOL VED Selection role is not resolved on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65526 WORKITEM_SELECTION_ROLE Error resolve selection role on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65527 WORKITEM_NO_DPA_CONDITION_MET No condition met onDPA ""{0}"".
65528 WORKITEM_DPA_DESTINATION Error get destination for DPA ""{0}"".
65529 WORKITEM_CONDITION_KEY_NOT_FOUN D Condition key ""{0}"" not found in the property list.
65530 WORKITEM_USER_ID_IN_CORRELATION Error get user ID from correlation string.
65531 WORKITEM_ACTIVITY_NOT_FOUND Activity not found for activity ID = {0}.
65532 WORKITEM_INVALID_OPERATOR Operator ""{0}"" is invalid in DPA condition ""{1}"".
65533 WORKITEM_NULL_DPA_VALUE Condition value cannot be null in DPA condition ""{0}"".
65534 WORKITEM_NULL_DPA_OPERATOR Operator cannot be null in DPA condition ""{0}"".
65535 WORKITEM_BACK_ON_FIRST_USER_ACT IVITY Cannot call back on the first anonymous activity of a subflow.
65536 WORKITEM_NO_DESTINATION No destination for activity ""{0}""({1}).
65537 WORKITEM_NEXT_ACTIVITY Error get next activity for work item version ID = {0}.
65538 WORKITEM_BACK_VERSION_NOT_CURR ENT Cannot call back on a work item version that is not current.
65539 WORKITEM_BACK_ON_FIRST_ACTIVITY Cannot call back on the first activity of a subflow.
65540 WORKITEM_BACK_NOT_ALLOWED Cannot call back on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65541 WORKITEM_BACK_ON_NON_PERSONAL_ FLOW Cannot call back in a no-personal subflow.
65542 WORKITEM_BACK_VERSION_NUMBER Error getting previous version. {0} versions found.
65543 WORKITEM_BACK_VERSION_NULL_ID Error getting previous version. Version ID is null.
65544 WORKITEM_BACK_VERSION_ERROR Error backing to the previous version in a personal subflow on version ID = {0}.
65545 WORKITEM_ERROR_RESEND_DISTRIBUT ED Error trying to resend work item versions to remote server.
65546 WORKITEM_CHECK_MERGE_JOIN Error check versions on merge/join activity for work item {0}.
65600 WORKITEM_ERROR_GET_START_POINT Error get starting point for user {0}.
65601 WORKITEM_SELECTION_ROLE_SP Selection role cannot be a actor on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65602 WORKITEM_CASCADING_ROLE_SP Cascading role cannot be a actor on activity ""{0}""({1}).
65603 WORKITEM_GET_DESTINATION_INFO Error get destination info on work item version with ID = {0}.
65604 WORKITEM_NOT_SELECTION_ROLE Role with ID = {0} is not a selection role.



Error export work item list.



Error import work item list.
66000 FACADE_WORKITEM_SEND_FAILED Failed to send the selected work item version.
66001 FACADE_WORKITEM_GET_STARTING_PO INT_LIST_FAILED Failed to get the starting point list.
66002 FACADE_WORKITEM_SET_SELECTED_ST ARTING_POINT_FAILED Failed to set the selected starting point.
66003 FACADE_WORKITEM_GET_SELECTED_ST ARTING_POINT_FAILED Failed to get the selected starting point.
66004 FACADE_WORKITEM_CREATE_WORK_IT EM_FAILED_BECAUSE Failed to create a new work item because {0}.
66005 FACADE_WORKITEM_CREATE_WORK_IT EM_FAILED Failed to create a new work item.
66006 FACADE_WORKITEM_RETURN_FROM_RE MOTE_FAILED_BECAUSE Failed to return from the remote flow because {0}.
66007 FACADE_WORKITEM_CREATE_AND_SEN D_FAILED Failed to create and send a new work item.
66008 FACADE_WORKITEM_OPEN_FAILED Failed to open a selected work item version.
66009 FACADE_WORKITEM_UPDATE_FAILED < Failed to update the selected work item version.
66010 FACADE_WORKITEM_UPDATE_AND_REL EASE_FAILED Failed to update and release the selected work item version.
66011 FACADE_WORKITEM_UPDATE_ERROR_I NFO_FAILED Failed to update the error info of the selected work item version.
66012 FACADE_WORKITEM_UPDATE_EXPIRED_ IND_FAILED Failed to update the expired indicator of the selected work item version.
66013 FACADE_WORKITEM_GET_DESTINATIO N_AND_SPLIT_TYPE_FAILED Failed to get the destination and split type.
66014 FACADE_WORKITEM_NEXT_PERSONAL_ VERSION_FAILED Failed to process the next personal work item version.
66015 FACADE_WORKITEM_BACK_PERSONAL_ VERSION_FAILED Failed to process the previous personal work item version.
66016 FACADE_WORKITEM_DELETE_FAILED Failed to delete the selected work item version(s).
66017 FACADE_WORKITEM_DELETE_ALL_FAILE D Failed to delete all work item versions.
66018 FACADE_WORKITEM_GET_COMMENTS_F AILED Failed to get the comments of the selected work item version.
66019 FACADE_WORKITEM_ADD_COMMENTS_F AILED Failed to add the comments for the selected work item version.
66020 FACADE_WORKITEM_REASSIGN_FAILED Failed to reassign the work item version(s).
66021 FACADE_WORKITEM_RELEASE_FAILED Failed to release the selected work item version.
66022 FACADE_WORKITEM_REQUIRE_WORK_IT EM_NAME Require a non empty work item name.
66023 FACADE_WORKITEM_PURGE Work item purge failed.
66024 FACADE_GET_WORKITEM_LIST_FAILED Failed to get work item list for the selected processes.
66025 FACADE_WORKITEM_CHECK_MERGE_JO IN_FAILED Failed to check Join-Merge related work item versions.
66026 FACADE_WORKITEM_IMPORT_WORKITE MS_FAILED Failed to import the given work item list.