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Table Beans/Facades Error Messages
Message Number Message Key Message Text
25000 FOREIGN_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXIST This foreign key is no longer in the database.
25001 COLUMN_DOES_NOT_EXIST This table column does not exist in the database.
25002 TABLE_DOES_NOT_EXIST This table does not exist in the database.
25003 INDEX_DOES_NOT_EXIST Table index does not exist in the database.
25004 TRIGGER_DOES_NOT_EXIST This table trigger does not exist in the database.
25005 TRIGGER_DEPENDENCIES_FOUND_FOR_ TABLE_DELETION A trigger has been defined for this table.
25006 INDEX_DEPENDENCIES_FOUND_FOR_TA BLE_DELETION An index has been defined for this table.



A foreign key has been defined that references the table you tried to delete.
25008 VIEW_DEPENDENCIES_FOUND_FOR_TAB LE_DELETION A view has been created that uses this table.
25009 TABLE_HAS_DATA This table has data; therefore updates or deletes to columns are not allowed.
25010 TABLE_RMT_TABLE_CREATION Create table operation failed.
25011 TABLE_LINK_OBJECT Failed to link the remote objects due to unexpected errors in remote data source.
25012 TABLE_CREATION Table creation failed due to invalid table definition.
25013 TABLE_FOREIGN_KEY Invalid table foreign key definition.
25014 TABLE_INDEX Invalid table index definition.
25015 TABLE_TRIGGER Invalid table trigger definition.
25020 TABLE_DELETE Delete table operation failed.
25021 TABLE_FOREIGN_KEY_DELETE Delete foreign key operation failed.
25022 TABLE_INDEX_DELETE Delete table index operation failed.
25023 TABLE_TRIGGER_DELETE Delete trigger operation failed.
25030 TABLE_RETRIEVAL_OWNER Cannot retrieve table information for the current owner.
25031 TABLE_RETRIEVAL Cannot retrieve table information.
25032 TABLE_INDEX_RETRIEVAL Cannot retrieve table index.
25033 TABLE_FOREIGN_KEY_RETRIEVAL Cannot retrieve table foreign key.
25034 TABLE_TRIGGER_RETRIEVAL Cannot retrieve table trigger.
25035 TABLE_DEPENDENCY Cannot discover table dependency
25036 TABLE_ALREADY_EXISTS A table with this name already exists.
25037 PROCEDURE_ALREADY_EXISTS A stored procedure or function with this name already exists.
25038 VIEW_ALREADY_EXISTS A view with this name already exists.
25039 TABLE_INDEX_ALREADY_EXISTS An index by this name already exists for this table.
25040 TABLE_HAS_FK_REFS This table is referenced in a foreign key; it may not be deleted.
25041 COLUMN_IN_INDEX Column {0} belongs to index {1} on table {2}; You must drop the index before deleting this column.