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Security Beans/Facades Error Messages
Message Number Message Key Message Text
23000 SECURITY_INVALID_SESSION Session validation failure.
23001 SECURITY_SERVER_NOT_FOUND The server cannot be found.
23002 SECURITY_INVALID_USERID_PASSWORD Invalid password or unknown user name.
23003 SECURITY_LDAP_LOGIN_INVALID Invalid password or user does not exist in LDAP server.
23004 SECURITY_LOGIN_FAILED User login failed.
23005 SECURITY_LOGOUT_FAILED User logout failed.
23006 SECURITY_NO_PRIVS_FOR_SERVER_AT TRIBS This user has no privileges for viewing server attributes.
23007 SECURITY_EXPIRED_SESSIONS_GENER AL An unexpected exception has occurred attempting to process expired client sessions on server {0}.
23008 SECURITY_NO_PRIVILEGES_FOR_DESIR ED_ACTION The logged in user has no privileges to perform the desired action.
23009 SECURITY_UNABLE_TO_SET_USER_PRIV S Cannot set privileges for this user.
23010 SECURITY_UNABLE_TO_SET_GROUP_PR IVS Cannot set privileges for this group.
23011 SECURITY_UNABLE_TO_RETRIEVE_PRIV S Unable to retrieve privileges for the group or user.
23012 SECURITY_NO_PRIVILEGES_FOR_CHOSE N_SCHEMA The user has no privileges to use the chosen schema.
23013 SECURITY_ERROR_TEST_USER_CONNE CTION Error attempting to test user connection for user ""{0}"" on {1}.
23014 SECURITY_ERROR_GET_NAV_HIERARCH Y Unable to get navigation items under item {0} for session id: {1}.
23015 SECURITY_ERROR_GET_ALL_NAV_HIERA RCHY Unable to get navigation items for session id: {0}.
23016 SECURITY_LOGIN_FAILED_NOT_AUTHOR IZED Unauthorized login. Please contact the System Administrator.
23017 SECURITY_LDAP_ERROR_CONNECT Could not connect to the LDAP server at {0}. Please contact the System Administrator.
23018 SECURITY_INVALID_DATABASE_USERID_ PASSWORD The database password is incorrect. Please contact the System Administrator.
23100 CRYPTO_ERROR_GEN_ASYMMETRIC_KE YPAIR Unable to generate asymmetric key pair (public/private) using ""{0}"" algorithm.
23101 CRYPTO_ERROR_CIPHER_INIT Unable to initialize ""{0}"" cipher for {1}.
23102 CRYPTO_ERROR_GEN_SYMMETRIC_KEY Unable to generate symmetric key using ""{0}"" algorithm.
23103 CRYPTO_ERROR_WRAP_SECRET_KEY Unable to wrap secret key using algorithm {0}.
23104 CRYPTO_ERROR_UNWRAP_SECRET_KE Y Unable to unwrap secret key using algorithm {0}.
23105 CRYPTO_ERROR_ENCRYPT_SEALEDOBJ ECT Unable to encrypt sealed object using ""{0}"".
23106 CRYPTO_ERROR_DECRYPT_SEALEDOBJ ECT Unable to decrypt sealed object using ""{0}"".
23107 CRYPTO_ERROR_SESSION_SECRET_KE Y_NOT_FOUND Session secret key not found for session ID: {0}.
23108 CRYPTO_ERROR_SET_SESSION_SECRE T_KEY Unable to set session secret key for session ID {0}.
23109 CRYPTO_ERROR_GET_SERVER_PUBLIC_ KEY Unable to get server public key.
23110 CRYPTO_ERROR_MESSAGEDIGEST_INIT Unable to initialize message digest using algorithm ""{0}"".
23111 CRYPTO_ERROR_KEYFACTORY_INIT Unable to initialize KeyFactory using ""{0}"".
23112 CRYPTO_ERROR_KEYFACTORY_GETKEY SPEC Unable to get key spec for ""{0}"".
23200 SERVER_ERROR_GET_SERVER_PROFILE S Error retrieving server profiles.
23201 SERVER_ERROR_GET_SERVER_INFO Error retrieving server info for ""{0}"".
23202 SERVER_ERROR_GET_SERVER_PRIORIT Y Error retrieving server priority for serverID: {0}.
23203 SERVER_ERROR_UPDATE_SERVER_PRI ORITY Error updating server priority.
23204 SERVER_ERROR_CREATE_SERVER Error creating server {0}.
23205 SERVER_ERROR_UPDATE_SERVER Error updating server {0}.
23206 SERVER_ERROR_GET_AUDIT_LEVELS Error retrieving audit levels for session ID: {0}.
23207 SERVER_ERROR_GET_PHONE_TYPES Error retrieving phone types for session ID: {0}.
23208 SERVER_ERROR_GET_REFERENCE_TYP ES Error retrieving reference types for session ID: {0}.
23209 SERVER_ERROR_GET_DATA_TYPE Error retrieving data type for code ""{0}"" for session ID: {1}.
23210 SERVER_ERROR_GET_DATA_TYPES Error retrieving data types for session ID: {0}.
23211 SERVER_ERROR_GET_HTML_TYPES Error retrieving HTML types for session ID: {0}.
23212 SERVER_ERROR_GET_WORKITEM_PRIO RITIES Error retrieving work item priorities for session ID: {0}.



Error retrieving viewer format list for session ID: {0}.
23214 SERVER_ERROR_GET_VIEWER_TYPE_LI ST Error retrieving viewer type list for session ID: {0}.
23215 SERVER_ERROR_GET_CLIENT_TYPES Error retrieving client types for session ID: {0}.
23216 SERVER_ERROR_GET_PEER_SERVER_LI ST Error retrieving peer server list for session ID: {0}.
23217 SERVER_ERROR_UPDATE_PEER_SERVE R_LIST Error updating peer server list. If you are trying to remove a server, please make sure no subflows have been published to it.
23218 SERVER_ERROR_GET_PROFILE_VALUE_ LIST Error retrieving profile value list for session ID: {0}.
23219 SERVER_ERROR_SET_PROFILE_VALUE_ LIST Error updating profile value list for session ID: {0}.