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The following general system error messages may be received from EPX’s BIC Manager:

BIC Management Error Messages
Message Number Message Key Message Text
3000 BIC_SERVICE_START_GENERAL An unexpected exception occurred attempting to start the BIC Manager services.
3001 BIC_SERVICE_STOP_GENERAL An unexpected exception occurred attempting to stop the BIC Manager services.
3002 BIC_SERVICE_REQUEST_GENERAL An unexpected exception occurred attempting to send a request to the BIC Manager services. The request parameters specified were {0}.
3003 BIC_ERROR_INIT_REGISTER_BIC BIC registration failure.
3004 BIC_ERROR_INIT_LOGIN_BIC BIC failed to log in.
3005 BIC_ERROR_REGISTER_BIC {0} BIC registration failure.
3006 BIC_ERROR_UNREGISTER_BIC {0} BIC unregister failure.
3007 BIC_ERROR_ENABLE_BIC Failed to enable {0} BIC.
3008 BIC_ERROR_DISABLE_BIC Failed to disable {0} BIC.
3009 BIC_ERROR_GET_BIC Failed to get BIC.
3010 BIC_ERROR_GET_BIC_LIST Failed to get BICs.
3011 BIC_ERROR_GET_LIST_FOR_SERVER Failed to get all registered BICs on server.
3012 BIC_ERROR_GET_ENABLED_BIC_LIS T_FOR_SERVER Failed to get all enabled BICs on server.
3013 BIC_ERROR_GET_EXTENDED_BIC_LIS T_FOR_SERVER Failed to get all extended BICs on server.
3014 BIC_ERROR_SET_BIC_LIST_ENABLED Failed to set BIC enabled status.
3015 BIC_ERROR_GET_ENABLED_EXTEND ED_BIC_LIST_FOR_SERVER Failed to get enabled extended BICs on server.
3016 BIC_ERROR_GET_APPLICATION Failed to get Application {1} on server.
3017 BIC_ERROR_GET_SERVER_APPLICAT ION Unable to get server application for login {0}.
3040 BIC_ERROR_GET_ALL_BIC_MANAGE R_PROFILES Failed to get all BIC Manager profiles.
3041 BIC_ERROR_GET_BIC_MANAGER_PR OFILE Failed to get a BIC Manager profile.
3042 BIC_ERROR_REGISTER_BIC_MANAGE R Failed to register BIC Manager {1}.
3043 BIC_ERROR_MORE_BIC_MANAGER_R EGISTERED More than one BIC Managers of the same UID {1} are registered already.
3044 BIC_ERROR_FOUND_BIC_MANAGER_W RONG_HOST Found a registered BIC Manager of the same name with a different host name.
3045 BIC_ERROR_UNREGISTER_BIC_MANAG ER Failed to unregister BIC Manager {0} from {1}.