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To create a new work item viewer and register it with the Web server:

  1. On the Viewers tab in the Process Flow editor, right-click in the Viewers table and click Add in the shortcut menu.

  2. In the Work Item Viewer dialog, type a name for the viewer in Name box. This is the name that will be used for this viewer in this flow.

  3. When adding a work item viewer, you have two options:

    • To use a specific, existing viewer, type the viewer’s location in the URL box, or click Browse... and select from the available viewers. When browsing, you can display a viewer to verify that it is the one you want by first clicking the viewer file to select it, and then clicking the View... button.

After you have selected the viewer you want and it appears in the URL box, click OK to close the Work Item Viewers dialog.

  • To generate a new viewer from an existing viewer template instead, select the Generated check box.

  1. In the Viewer Filename box, type the name of the viewer file that you want to generate. As you type this filename, it is mirrored in the URL box in the proper file path.

You can create the viewer in a subdirectory under the default path. For example, if you want to add a viewer named software.html to a subdirectory named purchase_orders, in the Viewer Filename box you would type:


Note: If the subdirectory does not yet exist, it will be created.

  1. In the Template box, indicate the template that should be used for generating the viewer. The default viewer template for your system is automatically entered in this box, but you can enter an alternate template. To do this, type the location of the alternate viewer template in the Template box, or click Browse... and select from the available templates. When browsing, you can display a template to verify that it is the one you want by first clicking the template file to select it, and then clicking the View... button.

  2. To select the fields that will appear in the viewer, right-click in the fields table and click Add in the shortcut menu to open the Field dialog.

Note: One or more fields may already appear in the fields table, even though they were not added via the Work Item Viewers dialog. This is because the field or fields were designated as Required in the Work Item Type editor, as detailed in Adding Metadata and Designating Fields as Required.

Any required fields appearing in the fields table are easily identified by the check mark in the Required column. These fields can be removed if they are not needed for the viewer.

  1. The work item types that have been added to the flow are listed in the Work Item Types box.

Note: If the work item type you want does not appear in this list, you must first add it to the flow using the instructions found in Adding Work Item Types to a Flow.

Double-click the work item type to expand it and display its fields. Any of the fields may have been assigned default values in the Metadata dialog accessed from the Work Item Type editor (see Adding Metadata), but these default values can be modified here.

Note: To add all metadata fields in a work item type to the viewer at once, click the work item type name, and then click OK. If you need to configure the individual fields, then one at a time you can double-click a field name to open the Field dialog and proceed with the steps below.

  1. Click a field name, then type a label for the field in the Label box. This is the label that will appear next to the field’s value in the work item viewer.

Next, choose a type from the HTML Input Type list. This determines what kind of input is required for this field in TaskManager, or how the field will be displayed. The available input types are:

  • Text Field

  • Text Area

  • Radio Button

  • Combo Box

  • Password

  • Hidden

  • List

  • Check Box

  • Display Text

Type a default value in the Value box. This value will appear as the field’s value in the work item viewer, but will be editable by the participant who is using the viewer.

When you have finished adding data for the field, click OK.

Note: Repeat this step for each field that needs to be added to the viewer.

  1. When you have finished adding fields, click Generate to create a new work item viewer. If the viewer generates successfully, the message ‘The viewer has been successfully generated.’ appears. Click OK on the message to acknowledge it.

  2. To view the generated work item viewer to ensure that it complies with your requirements, click the View button.

  3. Close the Work Item Viewer dialog by clicking OK.