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When you generate mapping for a work item type instance, a tree structure duplicating that instance and its fields is created in the Work Item Type Instances table. By default, the fields in the Inherited Fields table are individually mapped to their corresponding fields in the Work Item Type Instances table.

EPX allows you to edit the mappings for any of these fields. For instance, if a work item type in a process flow contains a particular field, and you want that field’s value to be inherited from a field in a particular subflow, then you can map the subflow field to the target field in the process flow, as long as both fields are of the same field type.

To edit a field’s mapping:

  1. In the Inherited Fields table, right-click the field whose mapping you want to edit, and click Edit Mapping in the shortcut menu.

  2. In the Edit Work Item Type Mapping dialog, click the name of the target field you want to map the inherited field to. The Available Target Fields table lists the fields included in the Work Item Type Instances table.

  3. Click OK.

Note: If you receive an error message stating, “The selected source and destination of the mapping are incompatible,” then you have selected a target field that does not have the same field type as the inherited field.

In the Inherited Fields table, notice that the field you re-mapped now indicates its new mapping in the Mapping To Local Instance column, and in that same column, the work item type instance for that field now indicates < Multiple Types Selected >, meaning that all of its fields are no longer mapped to the same work item type instance.

Multiple fields in the Inherited Fields table can be mapped to a single field in the Work Item Type Instances table.