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Work item versions are viewed using the Work Item Version editor. This editor is accessed either from a flow activity’s Activity Work Items editor, or from the Inbox, Sentbox, or Draftbox of a participant or BIC.

  1. To launch the Activity Work Items editor for a flow activity:

  • In the Navigator pane, click the expand button to the left of the name of the flow that contains the work item, to expand the flow’s tree.

  • Right-click the activity and click Work Items... in the shortcut menu.

To open the Inbox of a participant or BIC:

  • In the Navigator pane, click the expand button to the left of the name of the participant or BIC to expand its tree.

  • Double-click the Inbox icon.

Any pending work item versions present at the activity, or assigned to the participant or BIC, are listed on the Work Item Versions tab. General information about the work item version also appears on this tab.

  1. To launch the Work Item Version editor for a particular work item, either double-click the work item, or right-click the work item and then click Open in the shortcut menu.

Note: You can also use the Work Item Versions tab to delete work items. To delete a work item, right-click the work item and then click Delete in the shortcut menu. Bear in mind that deleting a work item does not remove it from the database. To remove deleted work items from the database, you must purge them from EPX. See Purging Work Items for more information.

  1. On the General tab, you can view the name of the work item version, as well as its description (if one was supplied).

  2. Click the Attributes tab to view a list of the work item’s attributes and their corresponding values. For a description of each of these attributes, see Work Item Attributes.

  3. Click the Properties tab. Here you can review and modify the hash table key/value pairs for the selected work item. Any modifications to the work item hash table must be correlated with the work item viewer to allow for successful completion of the work item.

  4. Click the Attachments tab. This tab presents a read-only list of files that are attached to the work item. If no files are attached, then this tab is empty.

  5. Click the Errors tab to view a list of errors that the work item may have attached. By selecting an error in the list, you may view details about this error in the lower portion of the window. Clicking the Clear Errors button clears the errors from the work item, so that After you have fixed the error, the activity can proceed. If the work item is free of errors, then this tab is empty.

  6. When you have finished viewing and modifying work item version information, click OK. You can access a participant or BIC’s Sentbox or Draftbox using these same steps.

Note: When the Work Item Version editor is launched from a sentbox, all information presented in the editor is read-only.