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Anonymous Activities are Manual Activities that do not initially have an actor assigned to them. These activities are only valid in personal subflows. The actor assigned to the personal subflow becomes the actor in the Anonymous Activity.

Although you cannot assign an actor to an Anonymous Activity, you configure the remaining settings just as you would for a Manual Activity.

To configure an Anonymous Activity after you have placed it on the flow canvas:

  1. Right-click the Anonymous Activity icon and click Properties in the shortcut menu.

  2. On the General tab, type a name for the Anonymous Activity in the Name box and type a description (optional) in the Description box. If you do not specify a name, EPX assigns a default name such as Anonymous Activity (1).

  3. Click the Details tab. If a participant assigned to the personal subflow should be able to click a Back button in TaskManager to return to a previous step within the personal subflow, select the Backward Navigation Allowed check box.

For example, if a process flow contained an Anonymous Activity, then an Automatic Activity, and then a second Anonymous Activity, if backward navigation were allowed in TaskManager for the second Anonymous Activity, then the participant would be able to click a Back button and return to the first Anonymous Activity in order to resubmit the work item to the Automatic Activity.

Note: This option is not available if the Anonymous Activity is also the initial activity in the personal subflow.

  1. To manually change the properties persistence setting for the Anonymous Activity, click a setting in the Persist Properties list.

  • To set the activity to obey the default persist properties setting for the local instance of the EPX Application Server, click Default.

  • To set the activity to never persist properties, click No.

  • To set the activity to always persist properties, click Yes.

For more information on persisting properties, see Specifying Persist Properties.

  1. For instructions on using the Viewers and Expiration tabs, see Selecting Viewers for a Work Item Version and Setting an Expiration Period.