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To add a work item viewer to a flow:

  1. Click the Viewers tab.

  2. Right-click in the viewers table, and then click Add in the shortcut menu.

  3. In the Work Item Viewer dialog, type a name for the viewer in the Name box.

  4. You have the option of selecting an existing HTML file as the viewer, or of having EPX generate a viewer file for you.

  • To use a specific, existing HTML file for the viewer, type the file’s address in the URL box. Alternatively, click Browse... and select the file, and then click OK to close the Select File dialog. Click OK to exit the Work Item Viewer dialog. (You do not need to configure any additional information on this tab if you are using a custom-built viewer file.)

  • To have EPX generate a new viewer file instead, select the Generated check box and continue to the next step below.

  1. In the Viewer Filename box, type a filename for the viewer you will generate.

  2. In the Template box, either accept the default viewer template, or, if you want to use a different template file, either type the alternate template filename or click Browse... and select the new template.

  3. Add metadata fields to the viewer by right-clicking in the fields table, clicking Add in the shortcut menu, and then selecting each field from the Fields dialog.

  4. Click Generate to create the new viewer file. Click View to display the viewer to verify that it meets your needs.

  5. When satisfied, click OK to close the Work Item Viewer dialog and return to the Viewers tab.

For detailed instructions on adding work Item viewers to a flow and on using the Viewers tab, see Using the Work Item Viewer Dialog and Using the Viewers Tab.