Adding a Cascading Role - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

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To add a Cascading role:

  1. Right-click the Roles folder in the Navigator pane, and click New... in the shortcut menu.

  2. On the General tab, type the name of the new role in the Name box and type a description (optional) in the Description box.

Note: The role name must be unique from all other role names.

  1. Click the Members tab.

Right-click in the Members table, and then click Add in the shortcut menu. Click the names of the needed members in the Members dialog, and then click OK to return to the Members tab.

  1. Click the Rule tab.

  2. Click Cascading in the Rule list.

  1. When creating a Cascading rule, you must provide the following information:

  • Type the cycle limit in the Cycle Limit box. This is the number of times the work item will be cycled through the list of members before it is expired.

  • Type the timeout interval in the Day(s), Hour(s), and Minute(s) boxes, or enter the interval using the up and down arrow buttons. The timeout interval is the time that will elapse before the work item is forwarded to the next member.

  1. Select the Enabled check box for each member who you want to include in the role.

  2. Set the member sequence for receiving escalated work items. Right-click in the rule table, and click Order Members... in the shortcut menu. You can rearrange the sequence of members by clicking a member name, and then clicking Up or Down to move the member in the list. The order in which you arrange the members is the order in which they will receive the escalated work item, at the specified timeout interval.

  1. Click the Security tab to configure permissions for this role. For more information, see Security Tab.

  2. Click OK to save the role and close the Role editor.