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To configure a DPA in a flow, open the flow editor to the Process Flow Modeler tab and proceed as follows:

  1. Place a DPA in the flow.

  2. Right-click the DPA icon and click Properties in the shortcut menu to launch the Decision Point Activity editor.

  3. On the General tab, type a name for this activity in the Name box and a description (optional) in the Description box. If you do not specify a name, EPX assigns a default name such as Decision Point Activity (1) or Decision Point Activity (2).

  4. Click the Details tab. If needed, select a new priority for work items. For more information, refer to Using a Bic in a Flow.

Note: Since DPAs are used to route work items, they cannot be starting points in a flow. Another activity must precede a DPA and send work items to the DPA.

  1. Click the Settings tab. The settings table displays any rules previously created for this DPA. To edit an existing rule, right-click the rule and click Open in the shortcut menu. The Rule Properties dialog displays the rule you selected.

To create a new rule, right-click in the settings table and click Add in the shortcut menu. The Rule Properties dialog box displays.

Refer to Configuring Rules for DPAs for more information.

Note: You cannot save a rule unless the DPA is connected to at least one other activity on the flow canvas.

  1. Click the External Properties tab to allow the system to call out stored procedures defined in the database to retrieve properties to be tested within a DPA condition.

Refer to Configuring the DPA to Retrieve Properties from a Stored Procedure for more information.

Important: The External Properties feature of the DPA relies on stored procedures that have IN/OUT or OUT parameters to populate temporary properties. Hence, External Properties cannot be used if PostgreSQL is the repository since its PL/SQL can only return a single value and it does not support the IN/OUT or OUT arguments of procedures.

  1. When you have finished configuring this activity’s properties, click OK to close the DPA editor and save the settings.