BICs Provided - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

EnterWorks EPX Process Modeling

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EnterWorks EPX Process Modeling
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EPX includes the following BICs, and might also include other BICs not listed here:

BIC Description
Audit BIC You can use the Audit BIC to troubleshoot a problem. For example, if a BIC does not receive the correct information from the work item hash table, the Audit BIC can provide a snapshot that lets you view the key values in the work item hash table for an instance of a work item.
Command Line BIC The Command Line BIC permits you to execute a script at the operating system command line (shell) and provides the ability to execute commands on the machine where the iteration of the EPX BIC Manager software controlling the BIC resides.
E-mail BIC You can use the E-mail BIC to receive e-mail in a process flow. As a starting point activity, the E-mail BIC picks up e-mail from a mailbox you designate, and converts the e-mail into a work item, creates a hash table, and initiates the flow. The inbound BIC can append e-mail file attachments to the work item that it creates, and copy the body of the e-mail message and attached files to a specified directory.
FTP BIC The FTP BIC allows you to retrieve files from a remote host, or transfer files to a remote host, using File Transfer Protocol.
HTTP BIC The HTTP BIC allows you to retrieve and upload files via HTTP.
JDBC BIC The JDBC BIC provides the ability to execute a single SQL statement or a stored procedure against a JDBC-compliant database (or an ODBC- compliant database, if a native JDBC driver exists for it). The JDBC BIC may also be used to connect to Virtual DB.
Scheduler BIC The Scheduler BIC permits you to schedule a process flow. The Scheduler BIC can act as a starting point, initiating a process flow one time or repeatedly, or it can be placed in the middle of a process flow, and act as a gatekeeper until a selected date and time is reached.
Telnet BIC The Telnet BIC allows you to run multiple commands via a Telnet session on any server that is running a Telnet daemon.
Universal Java BIC The Universal Java BIC interfaces EPX to a JVM. The BIC allows Java code to be run, and creates or replaces a single hash table value as a result. The BIC can also call external Java libraries that provide additional functionality.
Universal JavaScript BIC The Universal JavaScript BIC allows JavaScript code to be run and creates or replaces a single hash table value as a result.
Work Item Import and Export BIC The Work Item Import and Export BIC allows you to import information and append it to a work item hash table, or export information from the hash table, in delimited, XML, and fixed-width formats.