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To fully back up an EPX database server installation, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a backup of the repository.

Use the regular backup techniques and tools that accompany the type repository server you are using. You can also use the Import/Export Utility to back up your users, groups, roles, and process flows to an external file. This has the advantage of allowing you to transfer the data to a different type of repository, but it is not suitable for up-to-the-minute crash recovery.

  1. The work item viewer files used by your process flows are separate from the repository and should also be backed up. By default, the work item viewer files are located in this directory:


  1. You should back up any EPX property files that you have edited. Most likely to have been modified are these files in the <EPX>\bin directory:





  • *.lax

Also consider the BIC *.config files in the <EPX>\bin\agents\<BICmanager> directory.

  1. Keeping a copy of the <EPX>\ file can be helpful if you need to reinstall EPX in the future. This file contains all of the settings that were made during installation.

  2. If you are using any custom BICs, be sure that you backup each custom BIC installation. In the simplest case, this would be the .jar file and the .config file in the <EPX>/bin/agents/<BICmanager> directory. Copy these files into another location and replace them in the <EPX>/bin/agents/<BICmanager> directory when needed.

  3. Other necessary files to be backed up are the following:

In the <EPX>\tomcat\conf directory

  • web.xml

  • server.xml

  • tomcat-users.xml

In the <EPX>\tomcat\webapps\bicmanager\WEB-INF directory

  • web.xml