To Migrate a Certificate and Private Key Pair into a Keystore: - EnterWorks_Process_Exchange_(EPX) - 10.6

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Whereas the Import function takes a certificate and private key pair and creates a new keystore for them, the Migrate feature allows you to place a certificate and private key pair into an existing keystore. It is recommended that the source keystore, i.e., where the certificate and private key pair are originally stored, has an alias “tomcat.” The CMU will copy the keystore file and place it in the Tomcat configuration directory, give it the name tomcat.jks and create the server.xml file with appropriate settings.

To begin the process of migration for the Certificate and Private Key pair, perform the procedure below:

  1. From the top menu of the CMU main screen, select Action>Create Keystore>Migrate Certificate.

  2. Specify the location of the source Keystore file.

  3. Provide the password for the source Keystore.

  4. Select an alias from the drop-down menu. All the aliases available in the source keystore will be displayed.

  5. Provide and confirm the password for the new keystore.

Note: You can select Settings>Keystore Information to see the default directory CMU places a keystore in.

  1. Click Migrate.

  2. After migration, you will be shown the following information, which can be copied and saved for future reference:

  • The location of the source Keystore

  • The alias selected

  • The password for the source Keystore

  • The location of the target (new) Keystore

  • The password for the target (new) Keystore